As Long As You Love Me

Justin cheated on Carmen , she called her mom to pick her up not wanting to be with him. He begged her to just listen but she ignored him , while crying . Carmen and her mom left, " Mom I-I th-hink I-Im p-pregnagnt w-with h-his ch-i-ild " She sobbed . " Jason come here " Carmen's Mom Yelled . " Yes Aunt ? " " Mom no p-plea-ase don't " She begged . " Justin got her pregnant " Carmen saw her cousin get mad . " J-jason don't " She said . " Ok You Cam your going with jason far away from here " Cam's Mom said .Camren nodded her head , pleased she'll get out of Canada . " Jason take her to Tennessee or somewhere she'll like ok " she said ...... Just little glimpse at what the story will be . Hope you enjoyed . Btw , Justin Bieber IS famous in this story . Enjoy . Selena Gomez Play Carmen & Herself too


1. Unexpected Person

Carmen's P.O.V 

As me, Abigail, and Mayra were walking to Hollister we saw someone familiar walk in , it was my Idol, Justin Drew Bieber I didn't scream until I heard someone besides me scream of course Mayra and Abigail they were Beliebers and I am a belieber as well , he turned around and gave me a smile since I didn't scream , he then came over to us ." Why are y'all screaming? There is no need to scream " He said " oh sorry about them they are huge like anyone else." I apologized to him " What about you are you a Belieber ?" He asked getting me all nervous and shit . " I-I " I couldn't respond I was too nervous, he waited fro me to answer him " Sorry I'm not " I lied to him . He looked sad when I said I wasn't . I felt bad but I couldn't tell him the truth . " Hey by the way my name is  Justin Drew Bieber ." he took took out his hand for me to shake and I shook it and said " I'm Carmen Marie Drew " " Nice to meet you Carmen " " Same to you Justin" . We laughed " Oh yeah this are my to best friends, Mayra and Abigail ." " Nice meeting you two too " they gave him a hug and kiss in the cheek " Well it was a pleasure meeting you Justin Bieber "  " Yeah you too and can I have your number " Justin asked I nodded my head " Yea of course  " I gave him a piece of paper with my number and name on it . He smiled I smiled back at him " well now I have to to go sorry, bye" I said waving my hand " Bye, ill talk to you later  " I laughed and left . Well that was an unexpected person I would've thought would come to this mall . 

Justin's P.O.V 

When I walked into Hollister I heard screaming coming from somewhere near , I turned my head and saw 2 girls screaming and one girl just standing there just staring at them I smiled at her cause she didn't scream and she did as well . I walked over to where they were and talked with that girl, Carmen she apologized for her best friends I asked her if she was a belieber , but when I heard she wasn't I got sad , but I introduce myself to her and she did as well , but with a smile on her face . She was just cute and shy , I wanted her to be my girlfriend but I know thats too soon but ill wait for her . I asked for her number and she gave it to me . She left and I walked around for about 20 minutes and left the huge mall . *40minutes later * I was hungry so I drove myself to Mcdonalds and got a Big Mac and some fries and a medium size sprite . I got it and left back home, I got there 10 minutes later it was 8:04 when I got home and I decided to call her right after I finished eating . I was done eating and I gave her a call . 


A/N. What do you guys think of this movella do you guys like it Pleasee comment and favorite and like it that will mean a lot to me Much Love ~PlayBoyBunny  . 

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