As Long As You Love Me

Justin cheated on Carmen , she called her mom to pick her up not wanting to be with him. He begged her to just listen but she ignored him , while crying . Carmen and her mom left, " Mom I-I th-hink I-Im p-pregnagnt w-with h-his ch-i-ild " She sobbed . " Jason come here " Carmen's Mom Yelled . " Yes Aunt ? " " Mom no p-plea-ase don't " She begged . " Justin got her pregnant " Carmen saw her cousin get mad . " J-jason don't " She said . " Ok You Cam your going with jason far away from here " Cam's Mom said .Camren nodded her head , pleased she'll get out of Canada . " Jason take her to Tennessee or somewhere she'll like ok " she said ...... Just little glimpse at what the story will be . Hope you enjoyed . Btw , Justin Bieber IS famous in this story . Enjoy . Selena Gomez Play Carmen & Herself too


2. The Call

Carmen's P.O.V 

Later that night I was tired Mayra and Abigail were still with me since we live together " That was nice we got to met Justin Bieber " Abby said " " " I don't know " I said . It was quiet because my phone ranged " Tell me what you like and tell me what you don't I could be a buzz lightyear .. " I picked up my phone " Hello who's this " " You don't remember me " Someone on the other line said " Is this Drew ?" saying his middle name instead of his first cause then they'll take my phone " Yes it is , but why did you use my middle name ?" He asked " Because uhm here" " Oh sorry " " it's ok so how has your day been " I asked " Better now " I blushed " Girls can y'all go somewhere else " They nodded their heads in confusion " Hows it better Mr. Bieber ? " I asked " It just got better right now " I blushed even harder " Awh how " " Because I'm talking to you " I smiled " Aww " " Are you blushing ? " He asked " To tell you the truth no I'm not " I lied " Whatever ever you say beautiful " He sang " ok so when's your next tour ? " I asked in need of an answer " On November  22nd " " oh " I said  ,  he asked "Yeah why Beautiful ? " " Oh its cause My birthday is January 2nd and I just want to know " I said in a half smile " Oh , but guess what Carmen " " What Justin ? " " My first concert is here so don't worry I'll be here for 3 extra days " I smiled " Really your not playing are you ? " " Why would I play with such a beautiful girl like that yes I'm for real " I blushed " Well Mr. Bieber I have to get some sleep I'll talk to you tomorrow " I giggled " Ok bye " . I hung up the phone . 


Justin's P.O.V 

" Ok Bye " . She hung up the phone and went to sleep . I got up from bed and went to the bathroom to change into my Pajama pants . " I think I'm falling in love with her or have I already fallen for her ? " I said out loud . I went to sleep with that thought of me and her together . The next morning I woke up and saw the clock it read : 1:46 , " damn I woke up late " I said to myself . I got up from bed and went to the bathroom , I took a quick shower and got a towel and wrapped it around my lower body and got out , I went back to my room and got a Black tank top and some black plants and went downstairs . I decide to surprise Carmen at school , but before I got in my car and drove to Mcdonalds and got food . 


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