As Long As You Love Me

Justin cheated on Carmen , she called her mom to pick her up not wanting to be with him. He begged her to just listen but she ignored him , while crying . Carmen and her mom left, " Mom I-I th-hink I-Im p-pregnagnt w-with h-his ch-i-ild " She sobbed . " Jason come here " Carmen's Mom Yelled . " Yes Aunt ? " " Mom no p-plea-ase don't " She begged . " Justin got her pregnant " Carmen saw her cousin get mad . " J-jason don't " She said . " Ok You Cam your going with jason far away from here " Cam's Mom said .Camren nodded her head , pleased she'll get out of Canada . " Jason take her to Tennessee or somewhere she'll like ok " she said ...... Just little glimpse at what the story will be . Hope you enjoyed . Btw , Justin Bieber IS famous in this story . Enjoy . Selena Gomez Play Carmen & Herself too


21. Meeting People/ Christmas Eve.

Carmen's P.O.V 

I haven't seen my brother Derek in a while  and today is monday and he was coming over to our mothers house , Tomorrow for christmas Eve. . " Justin we need to go back to canada " I said " Yeah we leave today " He said " Ok I want you to meet Derek my brother " I said " That will be great " he smiled , I kissed his lips softly , and pulled away " Ok so can we leave now " I said , He nodded his head and we got in my bus " Phil lets go , you can take your girlfriend with us , cause we going back to canada " I said . " Alright Ari " he said and we drove to the airport " Baby so your family speaks english too or just you " he asked " Everyone , and my grandparents speak french so yeah " I said smiling , I get to see Derek again . " Ok Cam we're here " Phil said " Alright have a nice christmas see you in 6 days " I said " You to beautiful have a nice christmas " he said and I blushed . I could see Justin getting angry so he wrapped his arms around my waist and walked . We got in the airport , I had on my sunglasses and hoddie . We kept walking till we got to the plane . Once we were on the plane , I sat down on a seat and closed my eyes " No don't go to sleep " Justin said " Oh come on baby Im so tired " I said and closed my eyes again and fell asleep . * An hour has passed * " Baby " justin said , but I ignored him " Princess wake up we're here " Justin said , I got up and say my mom and ran to her . " hola mami " I said ( Hey mommy ) " Hey honey " she said . " Can we go " I said " Yeah but what is Justin Bieber doing here " she asked " He is uhm my boyfriend " I bit the inside of my cheek " Ugh Mija I LIKE HIM but you know he ain't good " she whispered " Whatever mom I love him can we just go " I grabbed Justin's hand and we walked to mom's car . * 30 minutes has passed * , It was 8 : 25 . " Im going to bed see you guys later " I said but was stopped by Justin " Im going to sleep too ,so where do I sleep " he asked sleepy " In my room come on I want to sleep " I said and we walked to my room once we got there , I didn't even bother to change clothes . I was fast asleep in bed and thinking of Derek . 

( Next Day ) 

Finally its the day I get to see my brother ," Baby your brothers here " Justin said in his raspy voice . " Oh good Im going to say hi to him " I was about to go but justin grabbed my wrist . " Baby its 6 in the morning " he chuckled . " Oh my " I said blushing " Just sleep " he said and grabbed my waist and went back to sleep . * 4 hours went by * This time I got up to help my mom with the food . " DEREK " I jumped on his back "CARMEN  " he spun us around and I laughed " I missed you so much brother " I said " I missed you too, got a girlfriend too " he said. " Nice brother and I need to show you someone " I said . I grabbed his hand and looked for Justin . " Baby , Baby " I said " IN THE KITCHEN WITH YOUR MOM " he shouted " Come derek , " I said and pulled his hand and ran to the kitchen . " Justin meet Derek my brother " I said " Hi Im justin nice to meet you " " Derek " they did a men hug and then let go . " So I see mom he is helping you . " I said to my mom , her name is Lily she is 37 years old. " Yeah , its christmas eve. " justin said . " Oh ok I'll help . " I said .. WE helped and were done in 6 hours  " Baby you should go now , go have christmas with your family , Ill come over like at 2 in the night ok " I said " Ugh ok Ill call you ok " he said . I walked him to the door I looked up and there was a Mistletoe , then Justin looked up and smiled " I guess we have to kiss huh " I said . Justin leaned in and kissed my lips and I kissed back . I pulled away . " Love you baby see you" I said and he walked away . I closed the door .We were done cooking and it was 7 in the night. Im taking a nap . I went upstairs into my old room were my mom lives . I closed my eyes and was asleep . * 30 minutes by * Someone knocked my door " Carmen get up get ready they are arriving " Derek said . " Hold up, bro can you help me out and find some clothes please " I asked more like begged . " Yeah sure " he came in and looked through my clothes till he found , A black dress that was up to my thigh and some black heels too . " Thanks brother I love you " I said " Love you too now get ready " he left my room and I got in the shower and washed my body and my hair , once I was done I wrapped a towel around my body and got out in changed into the dress derek gave me . Before that i put on a black strapless bra and black lace panties and some shorts. I dried my hair and out it in a side braid . I put in the heels and left. I got there and saw All of my family and then I saw Justin's family , I was shocked he came over here . " Derek " I said " Derek " " Yeah " he said " What are justin's family doing here " i whispered " He wanted them to become part of this family " derek said . " oh o-" I was interrupted by someone putting there hands on my waist . " Justin "" Baby Merry christmas " Justin said . " Merry christmas . " I turned around and kissed him . " You came " I said " Yeah baby , I got my whole family here , Your house is bigger than grandma's like twice " he said . " Its christmas I don't mind" I said and walked down with justin and greeted my family but I was too shy to greet his family . " Don't be shy baby they don't bite " Justin said . " Im just nervous " I said " Come on " He dragged me to his family , half of my family were talking to hem . " Hey guys , this is Carmen, my girlfriend " Justin said out loud . I blushed . " Awh she is blushing " Pattie said . I hid in the crook my justin's neck " Don't hide you beautifulness " Justin whispered. "Ugh justin ssh " I greeted his Mom , Pattie and his grandparents and then his dad and last his siblings " Jazzy , Jaxon come here " they came walking very shy " Hey little guys , this is  My girlfriend . " "Yours pretty " Jaxon said " Awhh thanks your more cute then your brother did you know that " I said and saw justin get jealous " Yes " he said " Come on lets go eat ok " I said . " Okaysz " he said . I left Justin with Jazzy . " Hey I brought food just in case you run out " Justin's grandma said . " Awh thanks really , I think we are going to run out " i laughed and so did she " I hungry c-can we eat " Jaxon asked " Sure handsome lets go get everybody and eat " I said . I got on my mom's coffee table and Yelled " HEY GUYS LETS GO EAT SOMEONE IS HUNGRY " I said.  and got Jaxon and the whole table was full , My mom had extra tables. " Lets pray " justin said. Once Justin was done praying we started to eat . I was full with all the food Justin's Grandma brought and my mom's food . I excused myself from the table and soon some arms were wrapped around my waist . " Justin " I said " Baby why are you saying my brother is cuter then me " he asked annoyed " Awh baby your sexy ok " I said and walked up to the couch and sat down .  Derek's girlfriend. out came a pretty girl and I knew who she was , it was Mayra my best friend " MAYRAA !!! " I said excited " CARMEN I MISSED YOU " she said and we hugged . " Oh my god your dating Justin Bieber " she was about to faint " Yes , calmte es mi novio " ( he is my boyfriend ) I said to her . " Ok im calm now " she said ." Your with my brother " I said . She nodded her head . " Be careful with him " I said and walked out . I went upstairs and looked at the clock it was 10:23 , I decided to take a nap , so I closed the door and got in bed , but soon someone came in " Who is it " my eyes were closed . " Justin " he said . " Ugh baby not now , Im tired " I said and my bed sunk in " Lets sleep then " He said ... * An hour and half has passed * " GET UP GUYS " some yelled , that made me fall off of the bed and I could hear Derek laughing " Derek that wasn't laughed " I was angry " Sorry sister , get up its almost 12 " he said and left the room . Justin left when I was sleeping . I went downstairs and saw everybody . I looked at my phone's clock and it was christmas . " MERRY CHRISTMAS FAMILY " I yelled and went downstairs and hugged all of them " MERRY CHRISTMAS " They all yelled. I went from my family to justin's family and the last person to hug was Justin . " MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY " I shouted " OUCH !! And Merry Christmas "I giggled and he leaned in and kissed me . " Oh looky there , its a mistletoe , we can't ruin traditions " he said and leaned in again to kiss me . i smiled through the kiss . " I love you baby , your my christmas wish " I said . The night went on from people handing out presents . But lucky me . I bought presents for Justin's family when Justin wasn't there . I felt happy seeing them smile . Merry Christmas to all of you . 


Sorry guys again for the 25th but couldn't write sorry . Hope you can forgive me for that . I love you all . Happy Late Christmas . I would love you forever and ever . ~ PerfectBieber 

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