As Long As You Love Me

Justin cheated on Carmen , she called her mom to pick her up not wanting to be with him. He begged her to just listen but she ignored him , while crying . Carmen and her mom left, " Mom I-I th-hink I-Im p-pregnagnt w-with h-his ch-i-ild " She sobbed . " Jason come here " Carmen's Mom Yelled . " Yes Aunt ? " " Mom no p-plea-ase don't " She begged . " Justin got her pregnant " Carmen saw her cousin get mad . " J-jason don't " She said . " Ok You Cam your going with jason far away from here " Cam's Mom said .Camren nodded her head , pleased she'll get out of Canada . " Jason take her to Tennessee or somewhere she'll like ok " she said ...... Just little glimpse at what the story will be . Hope you enjoyed . Btw , Justin Bieber IS famous in this story . Enjoy . Selena Gomez Play Carmen & Herself too


7. " It was You Huh "

Carmen's P.O.V 

Justin just kept on starring at me " Hey Marie right ?" Ryan Bill asked Yeah uhm are you Ryan " . He nodded his head " Yeah thats me , you excited for this mini tour "" Yeah I am you ? " I asked " Heck to the yeah " He said which made me giggle " Can I have your number ? " He asked " Yeah you can " he handed me his phone and I put in my number and saved it as  'Carmen Drew ' "Here" I gave it back to him " Carmen?" he asked " Ssh , yes thats my real name Derka is my middle name " I stated " Ok nice to meet you Carmen Ill call you soon " He kissed my cheek and left . I  turned to my water again , Justin got my attention he was talking to some girl and he turn to look at me . We made eye connection , but I looked away and started talking to the dancers " Hi Im Johnny " he said " Hey Im Marie " I extend my hand to shake it but I was taken by surprise with a hug instead , I giggled " Sorry bad habit " John said " No its ok " I said " So when does this mini tour start ?" I asked " Uhm I think in November 22nd " Elysandra said . I nodded my head " Thats cool,but My birthday is January 2nd" I said and everyone starred at me even Justin .I was freaked out when they starred at me , what did I say to make them look at me like that . I spoke up " What ?" Jon and Johnny yelled " Since that day is your birthday we have to TURN UP " I laughed . 


Justin's P.O.V

I was talking to Scooter about the mini tour , when Marie said " Thats cool but my birthday is January 2nd  " Everyone starred at her " What ?" She asked kinda nervous " Since thats say is your birthday we have to TURN UP " Jon and Johnny yelled , she laughed ." It can't be Carmen " " But it can she hasn't taken off her hood and shades " My thoughts said " Carmen can I have a word with you " I asked her , she just nodded her head . I walked and she followed behind " Can you take off off your hood and shades " I asked , she nodded her head and took them off " TA DA JUSTIN "Carmen said I stared at her " Carmen  it's you , your Marie but how didn't I know you could dance ?" I said " Because I like to keep it a secret " She gave me a beautiful smile , her eyes sparkled . I loved the way she looks at me, her hair was in a side braid it was beautiful .I kissed her cheek which she returned me the kiss almost kissing my lips ,if I could've moved my head a little I would've done it , but she walked away . " Bye Ill see you soon " She said and left out the door . 


Sorry guys you'll get 2 more updates today just have patients , Please . Ill update in the night when Im done I promise Love you guys so much . Please Favorite , like , and Comment on this story should I keep on writing or should I stop let me know what you think 2 more updates today Beautiful People . ~ PlayBoyBunny 

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