As Long As You Love Me

Justin cheated on Carmen , she called her mom to pick her up not wanting to be with him. He begged her to just listen but she ignored him , while crying . Carmen and her mom left, " Mom I-I th-hink I-Im p-pregnagnt w-with h-his ch-i-ild " She sobbed . " Jason come here " Carmen's Mom Yelled . " Yes Aunt ? " " Mom no p-plea-ase don't " She begged . " Justin got her pregnant " Carmen saw her cousin get mad . " J-jason don't " She said . " Ok You Cam your going with jason far away from here " Cam's Mom said .Camren nodded her head , pleased she'll get out of Canada . " Jason take her to Tennessee or somewhere she'll like ok " she said ...... Just little glimpse at what the story will be . Hope you enjoyed . Btw , Justin Bieber IS famous in this story . Enjoy . Selena Gomez Play Carmen & Herself too


16. Hickey left behind

Justin's P.O.V 

Its been a month and today is December the 4th , Me and Camren have been cool and I really want her to be mine so tomorrow Im going to ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend at the concert in Kentucky , I know she is my dancer but I love her and she loves me what can I do ? " Cam wait up " I said " No I have to go do my work for the tutor " she said . I ran up to her and made sure no one was near and pinned her against the wall " Justin let go Im going to get in trouble " she said trying to get out of my grasp " No your not you still have 5 minutes to get there " I said and kissed her neck " Justin what did I say about this a month ago not in public " she said " I know " I said and kept on kissing her neck " Just-i-i-n let me g-g-o-o " she stuttered " Fine " I mumbled in her neck and kissed it a few times and let her go " Don't do that " she said giggling " I'll see you later . " I said and she walked off . I know she will be mad cause of the hickey , but she is mine and no one can touch her but me . I better stay away from her till tomorrow she is probably looking at it Im in so much trouble . But hey it was worth it " Justin I saw that you left her a hickey " Ryan said " Ssh man not too loud " I said " She is going to be so mad at you when she is done doing her work " he said laughing " Hey she is mine no one can touch her but me " I said . he put his hands up in surrender " Alright man no one is taking her from you chill " he said " I know , lets just keep this hickey between me you and her or she'll kill me if I tell any one " I said and he nodded his head " Alright tomorrow is the BIG DAY " he yelled the last part " Yeah tomorrow I ask her to be my girlfriend " I said smiling " You must really like her " he said " Not like , love her she is like my everything " I said. Cause without her Im nothing " So you are going to ask her to be your girlfriend at the beginning  of fall ?" he asked " Yeah I am " I said , cause I made her fall in love with me and she has been going through some tough times  . I love her she is MY EVERYTHING 

Carmen's P.O.V 

Ugh Justin better have not left a damn hickey , I got to my bus and saw my tutor there sitting " Right on time Mrs. Drew " she said " Yeah can I have a minute I need to look for my notebook " I asked " Yeah " she said and I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror " Damn Justin left me a damn hickey " I said " Did you say something Ariana " she asked " Uhm No just looking for it never mind I found it " I came out with a sweater " Why are you wearing that "" Im cold the bus is cold " I said nervous " Alrighty then lets start first in English " she said she had all my books already there . We studied for 3 hours and it was time to go " Alright this is the last thing your free to go " she said I nodded my head and walked out looking for justin , I walked in to his bus and he was laying there shirtless " JUSTIN DREW BIEBER YOU LEFT ME A DAMN HICKEY WHAT WAS THAT FOR ? " I shouted at him , he jumped a little " Shit you scared me and what hickey I don't see anything " he played dumb " Really look at this " I unzipped my sweater and showed him my hickey he giggled " That wasn't from me " he said " Then who is it from . Ryan Im guessing " I smirked " Ha yeah right he won't touch you " he said annoyed " Then who was it " I asked " I don't know " he said " Alright then Im going to see Ryan " I said and was about to walk away when someone grabbed my waist and turned me around " No it wasn't ryan it was ME " he said blushing " Justin I don't like it " I pouted " Its ok it'll go away soon " he kissed my neck where the hickey was and mumbled " I want you " I smiled "Justin no " I said and laughed . I turned us around and justin was on the wall I kissed his neck like he did to mine " N-no C-carmen " he moaned . I smirked and gave him a hickey I looked at it and smiled " Carmen I have a concert tomorrow " he said " Im sorry but it was payback " I pouted and kissed his neck " Next time don't do it if you don't want more " I said against his neck , I kissed it a few times and ran away . 


What do you think of this is it good or bad let me know 

Guys Christmas is almost here who's EXCITED TO WATCH BELIEVE MOVIE . I know I am AHHHH  What's Your Christmas Wish ?? I want to know I love all of you beautiful people ~SexyBieber 

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