Through The Dark

Erin Falls comes from a small town in Michigan. From a young age, all Erin wanted to do was get out of Michigan and away from her overly strict parents. Which is why when she got accepted into Wolverhampton University, she couldn't help but jump on the chance of getting away from her parents.

But once there, everything didn't turn out as planned. By catching the eye of Liam Payne, the most dangerous boy in Wolverhampton, she is pulled into a dangerous world of drugs, gangs, drunks, fights, and abuse. She most definitely did not sign up for this.


6. Chapter 4

I collapsed onto his bed, he moaned as we rapidly kiss- harder each time. I can't believe this but I'm saying it. I'm falling for him but we just met. I pulled away from the kiss and blushed hard. 
"First time kiss?" He smirked,"Well, don't worry babe, it'll be more than a first kiss next time." As he winked and left, I touched my lips. I kissed him? I kissed him. I sighed and shook my head, what have I done right now. I kissed a stranger! My innocence was taken. 

~~ ( 4:00 in the morning) 

punch, punch! pew pew! 

I opened my eyes and rubbed them, What the heck is going on? I stood up and brushed my hair to the sides. Who's making all the noises at 4 am? I cracked the door a bit and saw the light was still lit up. I silently walked down the cold stairs, peeking around.


punch, punch! pew pew!


It came again. The living room was empty, I looked outside the glass doors, it was still dark outside. I looked over at the couch and there wasn't Liam. 

"Liam?" I whispered. The kitchen was dark, but next to the kitchen was a door- a glass door, the room inside the glass door was huge. The walls were creamish, ugh I'm horrible at describing these. Liam could be in here.


"What are you doing?" A voice behind me asked. His voice wasn't similar like Liam's, it was deeper, sounded like he went through puberty, a lot. Though he sounded really British, could this be? A mugger? His breathing was flowing down next to my neck and down to my spine. I tightened my fist, as my lips began to tremble. I'm going to die. 
"I asked, what are you doing here? Who in the devil are you." He spun me around, my hair was in a messy pony tail. It was tied up messy when I went to sleep, as my blonde hair's bangs were at my right side. He set his hands on my shoulders, his hands were huge, as he set his hands on my shoulders, he turned me to face him. 

"I-I um.." I stuttered. 

" Liam, what's up with the new girl? Is she one of your new toy? Who is this?" The curly haired boy said. I looked at him in the eyes- emerald green eyes, they looked very interesting. His brown, almond hair was in a bit of curls but they were cut off a bit. He was wearing a dark black shirt, on his hands and arms were tons of tattoos. A real human heart was on his top arm. His boots were brown and his clothes were vintage style.


Liam appeared out of the glass room, he stared at me and smiled at the boy. "She's just a friend. Not a toy, at all." Just a friend? Then what's up with the kiss ya ass! What am I saying! Am I jealous of him just saying that?!


Another boy appeared, he had black quiff, dark tanned skin, and he also had tattoos everywhere. He was only wearing a white tank top. Along with black skinny jeans and sneakers. His style was unique, different from the other boy. His eyes were dark brown. His lips were bigger than the other boy, he looked, sexy.


"liam got himself a pet?" The boy I was describing smiled, I turned myself to face the curly one.


"Ah Zayn, she's just a friend of Liam. But I'm still wondering why she's not in his bed yet? Or why she's here. " The curly one roughly chuckled. I can tell he is from Cheshire, a deep accent like that can tell you're from England. Good thing I learned History. I looked at the other boy, he had dark black hair and his eyes were deep brown. He was wearing a black tee and with a brown leather jacket, his jeans were tight. His shoes were converse, red. He looked different from the curly one. His height. They way he body carefully flows from pin-point to pin-point, no flaws being discovered. His tan skin covers his beautiful body. The perfect color of caramel just sets off his jet-black quiff.  So, that one is named Zayn. 

"Sup doll the names Zayn  Malik." He winked at me. Yep now I hate him the most. Doll? Really? The best he can say? Other than baby or babe, but all he calls me is doll? Yeah because I look like barbie, my blonde hair. He's British, Bradford. The accent tells it all. I smirked. 

"Doll? Please just shut up Ken." I rolled my eyes, I hated when boys named girls. He just laughed.

"This your girl Liam? She's a bit feisty you should put her on a leash." Zayn said looking over to Liam. Liam shrugged and said. 

"She doesn't need one. She thinks she's too good for one." Too good? Hell yeah. The curly one smiled at me. 

"I like her. I'm Harry Edward Styles at your service." I like this guy too, I just smiled and looked away. Great are there anymore boys? I mean this is really uncomfortable talking to 3 boys. We stood there silent. 

"Oi Niall quit ya pestering about having sex. No one wants to have sex with perverts." A voice said. It wasn't from any of these 3, it sounded different. It sounded like an angel just came from Heaven, the boy's voice showed his appearance, he looked older than the rest of them, caramel dark hair. His shiny blue eyes were sparkling, he was wearing a gray long sleeve shirt and a leather jacket. He was wearing dark blue jeans, as for his shoes white TOMS. He turned to face me and looked in confused. "Look guys if we're going to have a sixsome, don't include me in it. Tired of having hoes in my life." Wow, looks like someone's grumpy. This guy is obviously from Doncaster, with the swag and the gucci. 

Liam laughed,"No she's just a friend. Why don't you introduce yourself." He looked at me. Um okay? Friendly? 

"Hi I'm Erin Falls. I'm American that just moved here, a day ago. I want to get away from my parents and my hometown, Michigan. I was accepted to Wolverhampton University," I smiled a bit. They nodded. "I'm 20 years old and I will be turning 21 in December 3rd." Today is November 1st. 

"Oh so you have a strict parent and you're a goody good, wanting to live in a castle and marry a great guy." The blonde one said. He was Irish, he had the same eyes as the other person, his hair was brunette blondish, yellow as a duck but a bit brown highlights, I think. He was wearing a white T-shirt and it wrote, 'Fuck You' Jeez, I guess this guy likes to fuck. His shoes were black and white, as he pants were skinny black. White as fuck. 

"I guess." I smiled unsurely. 

"Oh I'm sorry, I'm Niall Horan. The guy who likes to fuck girls a lot." He said in Sarcasm staring at the other boy with blue eyes. Liam was sexist out of them- wait what, what did I just say? He looked like Justin Timberlake,

(ONE DIRECTION is not famous in this Fanfiction) 

Liam was of course handsomer, wait what...again- his abs were sexy, WHAT? Muscles were dreamy- wait I just met this guy, why am I falling for him. Liam's eyes were dark chocolate, dreamy huh- what the fuck Erin! His hair was brown. And his chin was a bit hairy but it was sexy, it wasn't like hairy like old man, it was shaved and oh how do I explain this, so cute. What? Wait are there any more boys? 
"Um are there any boys coming out?" I blinked unsurely. Um more boys? Yikes! They're more boys than my mother's boyfriends. They all laughed at me. 

"No, it's just us." Niall said, I think it was Niall. I didn't say anything. "So, you and Liam, a thing? Where did you meet?" The looked like bad boys- tattoos everywhere- including Niall. He was shirtless- in boxing shorts. On his chest it wrote in cursive, Scarlett . My eyes wondered away from it as he knew I was staring at his chest. "Scarlett's my dead girlfriend." Dead girlfriend, my heart sank. 

"I didn't ask for a story...I'm sorry." I said."But pardon me, why are you guys here?" Looking back at Liam. I leaned against the wall as Harry finally said. 

"We have a something to do with Liam. He has a match with this guy name Luke Westermen. He's the one who is challenging Liam to a match today. The match starts next Saturday, you see doll, Liam and Luke are arch enemies. Including with all of us." Zayn explained. 

"If you guys are all arch enemies and stuff then why talk to him and challenge him?" I asked stupidly. 

"She has a point." Louis nodded. "But then again you're wrong. Liam and Luke have something to deal with each other every month. To get back for what he did. He killed his girlfriend Scarlett VanDiy. It was all over the news 3 years ago."



He handed me a picture of her, I remember her, she was all over the news when I was 16. She was died in a car accident in Michigan..wait how did Liam date Scarlett if she was in Michigan? 

"She died in Michigan, and it wasn't a car accident. It was a trick for the police to think it was an accident. Scarlett VanDiy, the girl of Liam's dreams. She was born here, raised by her grandmother. Her parents passed away in an airplane crash- they left Scarlett with her grandparents while they were away on a business trip." Liam began to leave to the boxing area. The boys told me to go to the living room- Scartlett was all over the news. They began telling me stories about her.


"Mom I'm home." I said, carrying my backpack. Great I have homework, biology workbook pages 1-20 odd. Ap-Calculus 25-50 even. And language arts 1-10 all. No one was home- I think. "Mom?" I closed the front door, it was quiet. I began walking to my room. Across my room I saw my mom watching TV in her room. Our house is a 1-story. Not that big. My mother is a preschool teacher (she gets off early) and my father is a lawyer. My father always wanted me to be a lawyer- so he pushes me to become one. 

"Oh my god. You're alright. I-I was so worried."  She stood up from her bed and hugged me- I scrunched my eyebrows, and hugged back I guess. 

"um okay? I walk to school, mom. Like everyday, I didn't get raped or anything." Yeah, who wants to rape this ugly girl here. Not anyone even dares to look at me. I grabbed a strand of my blonde hair and set it to the side of my ear. She sighed in relief,"What's going on?" I looked at the Tv. 

"In other news, a British girl who is visiting Michigan for a vacation. She is founded dead in a car accident, under the Blue Water Bridge. The black van is dented on each sides, in her purse, we see her ID card, she is only 17 years old, and she bled to death. Her skull was fractured and her right arm was broken. But this isn't an ordinary accident below her chest there was a mark. And this mark isn't just a mark- she was stabbed right near her heart. The victim's name is Scarlett VanDiy. An ordinary girl who is traveling in Michigan, founded dead in a hit and run incident or maybe she was murdered and was set in this car." The reporter said. "To you Sherly Renard take us to the scene." The lady was wearing a red jacket and she had long black hair. She looked about my mother's age. 

"Thank you Annita Helms. I am Sherly Renard here under Michigan's hugest bridge, Blue Water Bridge. There was no suspect or anything saying she was murdered or in a hit and run incident. Right now," She was in front of the car, pointing to it. "Scarlett VanDiy, a traveler from Wolverhampton is dead. She is being brought to the hospital and they will send her to her familys' . It seems like she was hit in  and the car skidded against the wall, making her hit her head on the window shield hard....."  And she continued on, the reporter showed a picture of Scarlett. My mother turned off the T.V. I felt so bad for the girl. 

My eyes widened,"Mom..." 

"Promise me you'll be careful." She looked frightened to death. I nodded.

Flashback over, Present: 

"Liam wasn't there at Michigan. Luke was. Liam and Luke weren't arch enemies back then, they used to be best friends. But until Scarlett came, they fought over her heart, Liam stole her virginity, and then she instantly fell in love with him. They were a great couple, until Scarlett dreamed of traveling in Michigan and working there. That time she and Liam talked over saying she'll be alright. Luke was jealous. He envied Liam for everything, he was mad and crazy. He followed Scarlett on the airplane. Two days later Liam had a video from an unknown person." Harry then said, 
"That unknown person was Luke. He grabbed a steel pipe and hit her on the head, making her bleed to death. He told Liam that's what he got for stealing her away from him. 'If I can't have her, then no one can. I will set her free.' He kidnapped her, she told Liam she will always love him and told him to move on if she died. Luke set her in the car and crashed the car with a truck framing a poor man in Michigan- he got arrested and was sent to prison for murder. 12 years in prison. Though Luke never got caught. He moved back to Wolverhampton." 

"Why didn't Liam called the cops?" I asked curiously. My heart ached, feeling sorrow for Liam. Luke was so evil- so disgusting. 

"And risk Liam's life for it?" Zayn cut in. 

"Zayn shut up, you know nothing." Liam walked in. He growled at Zayn and sat down across from me. "I didn't want to rat him out because that's not what Scarlett wanted." He said. "What Scarlett wanted me was to never commit a crime- but I broke it. I'm a murder, I killed several guys from my boxing lessons. I saved Luke for last- keep your friends close and enemies closer." That did not make sense. 

"What he's trying to say is, Liam wants to kick Luke's ass every time Luke challenges Liam in a boxing match, every time. He wants to show him pain to what he does. That's all I really know." Niall said shrugging. I looked at Liam- I felt bad for him... 





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