Through The Dark

Erin Falls comes from a small town in Michigan. From a young age, all Erin wanted to do was get out of Michigan and away from her overly strict parents. Which is why when she got accepted into Wolverhampton University, she couldn't help but jump on the chance of getting away from her parents.

But once there, everything didn't turn out as planned. By catching the eye of Liam Payne, the most dangerous boy in Wolverhampton, she is pulled into a dangerous world of drugs, gangs, drunks, fights, and abuse. She most definitely did not sign up for this.


4. Chapter 3

 I swallowed hard. Not knowing what he'll do to me, I nodded quietly not saying anything. "Why are you so quiet?" He asked me. Quiet my ass, you are one pervert. Why me? I'm just an innocent American girl unless you want to bang American girls? Well move to Boston or whatever they're a lot of hookers. "I won't bite." He chuckled winking at me. I rolled my eyes and looked away from him, standing up and gulped.

"I got to go. My work is calling me." Work? Are you serious? What the hell who works in the middle of the night. He stood up and pinned me against the wall. My heart was pounding and pounding.

"Work?" He chuckled,"Erin, everyone knows nobody works in the middle of the night. And I know you're a terrible liar so give it up." He smirked. I wish I could slap that smirk off of him- he gripped my shoulder harder- ow. Please no bruises.

"Ow." I hissed. He's scaring me, I didn't bother looking at his face. All I know for sure he will rape me, and I was afraid of this. I didn't want to be here. But it's better than living with my parents.

"Look at me." He whispered harshly. Still not looking- I looked everywhere for something to slam to his face, for an escape. His hands touched my chin- forcing me to face him. "You're just lucky that I mind about you rolling your eyes. I promise you things will get better." I'm so sure. "When I say something you have to follow it or else." He smirked.

"What? Rape me, you piece of shit." I spat. Wow I got the nerves to say that. I wish I took that back- I covered my mouth, and winced at what he was pressuring.

"I have my minds on that. I wouldn't hurt you. I promise, Erin but I will keep you in this house of mine." Showing his huge mansion. I gulped and closed my eyes. "You're scared?" He muttered. "Sorry.."

I sighed and shrugged," it's fine. I'm used to being scared." Why am I being so nice to him? "So I'm you're girlfriend?" Why did I just said that, I but my lip.

He laughed, what a cute laugh, it's so cute-wait what the fuck did I just said. "You want to?" He winked at me. I felt grossed I shook my head leaning against the wall.

"I rather kiss a cow's ass than be your girlfriend." I mumbled.

He smirked,"you want to have a bet?" I pursed my lips.

"No thanks." I looked straight into his chocolate eyes.

"That's what I thought. Now let me get you home. But don't I get a thank you from saving you from that asshole?" I was about to slap him in the face but I grinned.

"Thank you,Liam." He opened his mouth-his facial hair was so sexy on him.

"Actually I meant a kiss." He pushed out his lips. I took my hand and squished his cheeks.

"In your dreams."

"Playing hard to get?" He smiled. I looked away. Just take me home..."alright get in the car." He grabbed a hold of my hand, opening the car door. Nice's sexier than him- I chuckled to myself. "What?" He looked at me.


"The Mercedes is sexier than you." I joked. He rolled his eyes, getting friendly to him, why.


"Be ready at 6pm I'm going to pick you up for dinner. Dress sexy." He said. I didn't reply but got out of the car. Great since when did I sign up for this date? "Good night." He backed up the car and drive fast. I stood there still shocked. What just happened. I opened the house doors and sighed. The house is so dark, I flicked on the lights and saw Erika sitting there crossing her legs.

"Where were you?" She looked at me in concern. Are you kidding me? A lecture?

"I was out with a friend." That wasn't really a lie, it was half the truth.

"A friend? You just got here! You could have been raped." She shouted. 

"Sorry mom." I said. She rolled her eyes and told me to sit down. 

"Who was the friend?" She looked at me. "Look into my eyes. Tell me it isn't Liam Payne. Please." I bit my lip - I can't say it. I looked down, I'm so sorry, Erika. She looked at me in horror."Why were you there with him! He's trouble! Why!" She kept using the term /why/. I didn't reply, she stared at me in disappointment. 

I opened my mouth," He saved me." That was all that escalated from my lips. Erika turned to face me, looking at me surprised. What? He did save me. I thought that was nice until he said I was mine. She shrugged, still lecturing me about him being a bad boy going to steal my virginity, he's a player, wanting to use me. "I believe what you're saying is wrong." I refused to believe her. That's wrong I guess, I'm suppose to be on her side. She looked frustrated- then smirked. Great..

"If you think he's very different from my eyes, I'm going to make a bet with you. I want you to live in his house for the whole year, still doing your original stuff, but don't try to have sex with him. Could you manage that to see if he changes? But if he does it with you then the bet is off- you lose." She simply spoke. My jaws opened wide, that's cruel. 

"What's in it for me?" I leaned against the couch. She bit her lip thinking.

"I'll give you 5,000 dollars. Just to let you know, I'm rich. My family own a huge bank, while my aunt is a lawyer. She works 4,000 a month. And well are you in it?" This isn't right. I don't need money. 

"I can't. I can't hurt someone that hasn't hurt anyone. It's really wrong, and I can't take money, it's a horrible bet." I stood up. "I'm sorry." 

She laughed,"Don't show pity, come on. Take the bet." I looked at her sighed in hesitation. This was wrong, I actually don't want to do it for money. Somehow why does she want me to do this? To prove her right? Yeah, right. I don't need to do this, for money. Then again I need it for college, the money for those college books and buy those test sheets. Those weren't involved in my scholarship."Take the bet please. I want to show Liam how he should be hurt, fire with fire." 

I looked in confusion,"What do you mean fire with fire?" 

Erika sighed, and unfold her arms,"I was the girl. That one night stand. He used me for money." 

I shook my head,"No. That's-" 

"Wrong? He used me, we were in love. Let me tell you the story, it was 1 year ago, I was rich- I spend my money on clothes, going to clubs having fun with my friends until my best friend showed me Liam. I fell in love with him instantly- he pretended to like me back, then 1 month later, he came over to my house- and we had sex. When I woke up he was gone with my money, he stole 20,000 dollars in my secret storage. I didn't want to report the police or anyone about it, I didn't want to say anything but the next day, I met him at the club, seeing him mauling off some girl's face. My heart broke, and never went to that club anymore. He used that money to buy himself some boxer trainer and to build that club we went too." She said quietly. 

"Why didn't you do anything?" I whispered. She shrugged. I sighed and looked away from her. 

"Please do it for me. It's either take the bet or don't hang out with him anymore, I don't want you to get hurt by him." My face looked frustrated, I can't be told what to do. Plus, I don't have money, so how is he going to steal any? All I have is that scholarship to Wolverhampton University. 

"Why? He doesn't have anything to steal from me." I muttered walking to my room. She followed me, I could hear her grit her teeth. 

"You're virginity." She clearly spoke. I laughed, that will never happen. I am never losing my virginity to that boy. I will NEVER. "Don't laugh, I know one day you'll fall for him and after that poof you're virginity is gone." 

"I don't believe you." I began to pack my clothes. 

"Where are you going?" She looked in concerned. I will prove her wrong. 

"I'm going to take the bet. I am going to prove you that you're wrong. Erika, I am going to live with him until one month I will tell you what happens every day by text." Erika handed me a big luggage that was purple. 

She smiled."Keep the dress and the heels, you might want to have this-" She handed me a curling iron, straighten iron, and make ups. Seriously? Make up? What is she trying to do. Erika also handed me a lot of new clothes that was- what do you call it? Sexy. 

"I don't need these." I tried to convince her. She smirked.

"Too bad. Let me keep the bags and you keep the luggage and those new clothes I bought for you today and those make up supplies." She smiled kindly. I sighed in defeat and took it, packing them in the luggage. I finally zipped the bag. "Okay when you get to his house say, 'I got kicked out of Erika's house for cursing at her.' "
"I don't think that's believable." I shook my head, then looking down to my heels. 

"Then, a guy smuggled some drugs in your bag and I thought it was you who bought them and I got mad then I kicked you out of the house. Now you're so helpless Liam has to save you." She chuckled. I rolled my eyes and sighed in belief. Now that sounds believable. 

"or we can say I kicked myself out because you act too motherly." I smirked. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms muttering, 'you can say that too.' "Plus where did I get the 'drugs' from." 

"Fine we can go your way. Now go outside and walk to his house. He lives very far. Might as well call him." She said pushing me outside. "Au Revoir" She said 'Until we meet again' in French. Then slammed the door. I growled and pushed the luggage to a bus stop. I paused and reached into my purse for my phone and called Liam. This is stupid. The wind blew against my cheeks- I was freezing. 

"On my way." He said quickly and hanged up. What the hell was that? I haven't said anything and he said, 'on my way.' Holy crap what the- his black Mercedes drove up. I froze, what the. 
"Well are you going to get in?" He sighed in a mean tone. I bit my lip and pointed to my luggage. His eyes were surprised and got out of the car. He popped up the trunk, grabbed my luggage and shoved it in, closing it. I opened the door and sat in the passengers, he slammed his door and speed off. I tightened my grip on my hands. He didn't say anything at all. 


"Go ahead and sleep in my room. I'll sleep on the couch." He closed the door. I didn't say anything and nodded. I pushed the luggage upstairs. I looked across the doors, how did he afford this house- there were glass windows everywhere, just like 'Twilight'  I began to walk- then there was a white door, I opened it and saw a bed, the room wasn't that bad as I thought. I thought it would be more well dark and broken walls. I set the suit case there and looked at all his photos that were on the table. There was a young woman smiling with a little boy. It was black and white. I looked against the other pictures- the woman had grown to her 20's or 30's was still smiling with the boy that had grown, he was wearing a black tuxedo and had  roses in a box- there stood a young girl with ginger hair, smiling. I guess that was a prom picture. 
"You done snooping around?" A voice growled. I turned around facing the voice and fell- startling me. Liam's face softened a bit. I blinked several times. 

"I'm sorry." I muttered looking into his brown chocolate eyes. I felt lost into his eyes then I looked away losing the connections. He didn't say anything but nodded. 

"The young woman in the picture was my mother. She was my best friend my mom. The day I turned 18 and it was the night of my prom. When I got home I found her dead and the walls were filled with her blood saying, 'you owe us 10,000 dollars.' My dad left us when I was 9. I was all alone I then became different- I killed those men who murdered my mom with the money Erika gave me. I had boxing lessons every day and I even had friends who help me beat up those men." He said. I looked in horror, Erika was right. But I felt bad for his loss. He managed to not cry.

"I'm so sorry." I muttered looking at him. I stood up and gave him a hug. He didn't hug me but was surprised. I released the hug and looked at him. His lips touched mine- it was like his lips were dancing on mine- I embraced him and we broke a part a bit. We kissed.. even though he kissed me in the club- but this kiss was better..


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