Through The Dark

Erin Falls comes from a small town in Michigan. From a young age, all Erin wanted to do was get out of Michigan and away from her overly strict parents. Which is why when she got accepted into Wolverhampton University, she couldn't help but jump on the chance of getting away from her parents.

But once there, everything didn't turn out as planned. By catching the eye of Liam Payne, the most dangerous boy in Wolverhampton, she is pulled into a dangerous world of drugs, gangs, drunks, fights, and abuse. She most definitely did not sign up for this.


3. Chapter 2

As he left, I soon hold my neck- murmuring,"Who the fuck was that." I removed myself from the wall and began walking outside. Erika rushed outside and looked at me, looking scared. I was confused and scrunched my eye brows. "Yes?"

"Never go back here!" She furiously pushed me back in the club. "This is a bad place to be. I forgot to warn you, never go back there. There's a Liam guy, he own half this club- this is his room- he always stays in here to maul off a girls face, you know the usual guys do." She explained. Gross.

"What does he look like?" I simply asked. She sat down and looked straight into my eyes. 

"Brown short quiff. Dark brown eyes. A lot of tattoos. And a deep British accent." She said. "Stay away from him. He's bad news! If you want more description, here." She showed a picture of him-same guy as the guy who kissed me. 

"Why do you have his picture?" I asked. She rolled her eyes,"C'mon Erika tell me!" 

"Alright, Alright. I use to stalk him, you know a little crush. But after I heard he breaks all girl's hearts. I don't like him. Right now I have a crush on his best friend, Zayn Malik." Who's he? I looked at her confused, she sighed,"He's also British and he moved over here because he got into a fight with his parents. Now, Drink!" I rolled my eyes, thinking about what was going through my head. I put my fingers on my neck, could it be him? Liam? The man did looked like that Liam guy. I felt my neck beat. My heart was beating faster- I turned to face the stage. There he was- the guy who kissed my neck, he was sitting alone staring at me. "Erin, you okay?" 

"Yeah- I am. Let's drink.." I muttered. I was scared the man was staring and staring; now I got anxious about the place- why are people staring at me. Finally Erika spoke. 

"oh crap! I forgot about an appointment with Sammy. Getting a tattoo finally, call me a whimp or not, my last attempt-first- chickened out." I was relieved by that. Good were getting out of here this please was giving me the creeps. "You can stay here. Go have fun drink! I'll come back." She winked. Never! 

"I can come." I smiled unsurely. 

Erika rolled her eyes,"Can't Sammy doesn't let noobs in his place. You have to know a guy to get in." What the fuck is wrong with this place. You have to know a guy..?

"But I know you." I said. She shook her head-can't. Wow...I'll just walk around Wolverhapmton, don't need to stay here. 

"Alright you can go around Wolverhampton. Just give me a call and I'll pick you up in 3 hours." Without any words from me she left in a hurry.. Shit now I feel unprotected. I began walking out the door but I heard footsteps behind me. Don't turn around, don't turn. I did. Fuck! The man smirked and ran, I ran and ran- I sprinted to a brick wall and I was trapped, there laid a brick wall in front of my face. The man smirked.

"poor girl. Haven't mom ever taught you never to walk by yourself? Even if you're a pretty girl." He winked. I leaned against the brick wall- the wall scratched my hand, blood was dripping, just a small scar. "You'll enjoy your lesson, love." His alcohol breath made me felt gross. I was silent and still- he touched my face and grinned,"Oh I'll enjoy this" the 20 year old reached down to touch me but I slapped him. Damn my stupid instincts... 

He brought up his face with a huge grin," oh oh you shouldn't have done that. Naughty girl." He used his big hand and brought it up to my throat- pinning me against the wall with all his might. I couldn't breath- "now be quiet and don't scream or you'll regret it princess" I couldn't take it anymore- the man raised his hand and almost slapped me. Then a voice growled. 

"DON'T FUCKING TOUCH HER, YOU DIRTY BASTARD!" The strange man walked up. I shut my eyes-covering my eyes with my hand. I was afraid- everything flashed before my eyes.

"Well if it isn't Liam Payne. What are you doing here? Go back to the club, boy." He grinned. So this man there is Liam. I removed my hands and watched. Wait-Payne...oh no. "This ones mine." This? Hah, I'm a human not a toy. 

"I said let her go Luke, Or els-" Liam was cut off.

"Or else what?" the man so called Luke smirked. Liam growled again- I was scared. Liam walked past the men and punched him. He gripped Luke's shirt and pinned him against the brick wall. Good thing it was 6 pm. He punched him back and forth- then kneed him in Luke's area. So much for having babies for him. "Alright Payne.." He coughed up blood- and then ran away with his men. My face was full of shock. 

Liam walked up to me,"Did he hurt you?" I shook my head- it's best to keep quiet. He smiled,"Good because you're mine." Then, things clicked. I remembered his face- he was the man at the club. I bit my lip and said nothing. Still- we stood there,"Come with me." This isn't going good. I walked out of the alley with him- once he opened the door of his car, time to run. I started to sprint. I have heels on and it was hard to run with them. I just can't take them off- he'll catch up. "Erin come back!You know better!" He chased me. I began to panic- why am I here. Why can't it be another girl. I looked back at him- sprinting faster and faster. I turned around and tripped over my heels and landed on my face. Fuck. He comes walking up- chuckling, "You know better." He grabbed my arms and pulled me up- damn he's strong. He's hurting me- I winced. "Deserve that too" He pushed me into the shotgun seat and slammed the door. I had a mark on my arm. He sat into the car and drove. I was too afraid to ask. 

Liam opened the door to his flat, and told me to get in. His flat was huge- with a stair and an underground stair. In his living room had a flat- "sit down." He commanded. I sat down and stood still. He got upstairs and looked at me, before he left,"Don't do anything stupid." He turned his back- I pulled out my phone and text Erika. 

To Erika: Help me :c

No respond. He came walking downstairs holding a bucket. My heart was pounding and I set my phone in my bag. I pretended to look around the walls. "Give me your arm." I hesitated- then he growled. He grabbed my hand and sighed,"Sorry it had to be that way." He wiped the blood with a rag- and wrapped it with a bandaid. I sighed and shrugged. "You don't talk?" He said. "Umm How should I do this.." 

"You're Liam Payne, aren't you?" I whispered. He smiled and nodded. "I'm-" 

"Erin Falls. I know. " He cut me off. I nodded,"You know you're mine." 


a/n: how is it so far c: 


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