Through The Dark

Erin Falls comes from a small town in Michigan. From a young age, all Erin wanted to do was get out of Michigan and away from her overly strict parents. Which is why when she got accepted into Wolverhampton University, she couldn't help but jump on the chance of getting away from her parents.

But once there, everything didn't turn out as planned. By catching the eye of Liam Payne, the most dangerous boy in Wolverhampton, she is pulled into a dangerous world of drugs, gangs, drunks, fights, and abuse. She most definitely did not sign up for this.


2. Chapter 1

Author's note: I lied about 1 week. I can't take it anymore ^^

I studied my passport,leaving Michigan was a better way for me to start out fresh. I can't believe I'm saying this but thank god I'm leaving. My parents were such strict people;they would always ground me if I had an A- or a B. It's always A+ for everything. They wouldn't even allow me to have a friend or a boyfriend. Not even letting me outside the house on weekdays or weekends, it's always study study. Well I'm sick of that, that's why I'm moving to Wolverhampton. A new start and I was accepted to Wolverhampton University. To study biologist. Leaving my parents was a dream come true- I have always dreamed going to Britain when I was little, I guess it's true now. 

"Boarding Plane 23" The voice spoke. The speaker was booming to my ears, that's my ride. I stood up from my seat and began walking to section 23. I set my bags to the security check and I began to step through the meta detector or harm detector. Nothing. Good. I grabbed my bags and purse- beginning to walk to the plane. 

"Welcome to Plane 23. Boarding to Great Britain, Wolverhampton. Please take a seat from your ticket." The lady said in the speaker. I looked for seat 17B and sat there. My phone was on airplane mode, I plugged in my earplugs to my IPhone4S. The song 'Clarity' by Zedd was on. My eyes began drifting to sleep; I was always that shy,quiet,lonely girl. Never actually think that I was pretty nor the fact that any guy would date me. I would have always scare every guy from my high school. I'm just an average 20 year old girl. Once I move to Wolverhampton I will soon get a job and an apartment. 

My left ear overheard a lady talking to her friend," I'm coming to London to find love. " I doubt that. London is just a stup- "Excuse me." The lady turned to me. I looked at her,"Do you think London is an amazing place to find love?" I made a weird looking face.

"I recommend Paris." I said looking over to her other friend who rolled her eyes. The lady looked at me.

"I'm just asking about London. They say London is a special place to find love." I reluctantly rolled my eyes. "Maybe you'll find love." I just smiled, that's bs. No guy would ever fall for me. In my dreams- have I said? I scare boys in 8th grade, not that pretty. They kept communicating as the plane ride was over- I finally left to get my bags. I exchanged my American money into Britain money. I began walking over to the line where there was a bus stop- I decided to ride it to 'EverGreen Flower Shop' I checked it on Google when I was in Michigan. It was a perfect place to get a job there. After the ride, I grabbed my bags and paid the man, taking off to the flower shop. I opened the door- smelling the roses and daises all sorts or flowers. A ginger popped up from the counter, she looked about 19-20 years old.

"Hello" She smiled,"we have roses-" 

"I'm sorry I'm not here to buy." I awkwardly whispered. God I should have thought this out."I was wondering if I could work here." 

She looked surprised ," oh my." she nodded quickly,"Yes you could! I was about to put up a sign." while laughing,"I guess I won't be needing this." She threw it away, I stood there awkwardly. She looked at me,"Oh yes! I must ask you questions. Come in the back for some food- you must be starving at this time. Even though it's 11 am but who cares! Just leave your luggage behind the counter." I dropped my luggage behind the counter and followed her in the back. In the back there was a table and a refrigerator with flowers around. Along that there were lights hanging about the ceiling with a huge fan. 

"You don't seem British." She said with her rough accent.

"Because I'm not." I sat down looking at her smirking. She sat down and handed me tea and bread. 

"What's your name?" She asked,"oh how rude of me I'm Erika Danes."

I gave her a warm grin and replied,"My names Erin Falls." 

"Tell me about yourself." She questioned. 

"Well crap I forgot about that I only can work on weekends because I have been accepted to Wolverhampton University for school." I explained. 

She shrugged,"who cares. At least I get to meet an American girl who works with me, then that's all I really need." She made me sound like I was special. I smiled a bit."You never answered my question you know." 

"Oh sorry. Well I'm just a shy typical average 20 year old girl. Who pretty much lived in a life full of strict people and wants to move to Wolverhampton, start a fresh new life. But there's a good catch to it. I was accepted to Wolverhampton University. I could learn and study all the things I can, and then I'm working in a flower shop." I explained most of the details. I saw her jaws dropped. 

"You moved out? Where are you going to live?!" She asked. 

I shrugged,"Rent an apartment?" that's the least I could do. 

"You should move in with me." She suggested. Woah now that escalated quickly. I shook my head.
"That'll be fine. I don't need your help. I got my own back." I scratched my back, plus I don't even know her just her name;Erika Danes. 

"Aww don't be shy! I promise we'll be great friends." She said,"it's a beautiful flat next to a bar." Winking at me. A bar?

I coughed and looked away,"I guess." Oh lord what have I got into.

"This is the kitchen, over here you have the living room and next to that, it's the bathroom. Next to the bathroom is the garage." She showed around her flat."Upstairs are the rooms-"she grunted while carrying my bag. I sighed and grabbed them for her. "Oh gosh! What do you carry in that bag?" 

I smirked,"rocks." She rolled her eyes and laughed at me. Knowing that I was joking. She began showing me her room. On the left side with a white door. On the mid side, next to her room, where it was facing the stairs, that was my room. I opened the door and saw a huge bed decorated and the room was light purple with a table and a window, the bad thing was that my room was facing the streets. I sighed and dropped my bags in the closet. This isn't bad, is it? 

"My sister use to live here but she moved in with her boyfriend. I changed the covers, don't worry. I know it looks bad we coul-" I grinned and cute her off. 

"No no no it's perfect! Purple is my favorite color for a wall, I'm not complaining. Thank you so much." I hugged her," She was a nice person, I guess I won't be renting an apartment, I'll check that off the list and the job. 

"I know we'll be great friends." She smiled. I nodded. "I'm going downstairs ok? If you need a bathroom it's next door on the right dide- then there's a game room in the other door." Erika left. I closed the door and sat on the bed. Holy crap, this is good karma. There was a tv in my room with a huge closet. I put my clothes in the closet and took the pony tail out of my hair. Today was Friday, starting school was next week. I guess I could chill with Erika or work. 

"Hey Erika?" I questioned, walking downstairs. She looked at me. "I was wondering if we could ask more questions to get to know each other then work or um hang out?" My voice squeaked a bit. She giggled. 

"S'pose we could that or we can party at a club!" She smirked. I felt grossed when she said 'party' and 'club' I never in my life had partied before. I sighed- not wanting to disappoint her. 

"How about after the questions" She nodded, I took a seat.

"When does the shop clothes? Where's your family? And tell me about yourself." Too much questions? 

"The shop closes at 9 pm opens at 10 am. My parents said I was ready to move out so I did. I have 2 siblings; ones 19 and is living with her boyfriend, the other one is 17, he's still living with my parents. I was in Charles Jr Highschool a Wolverhampton High School and I'm 20 years old with a car and a flat. Works in a flower shop; single. Every Friday and Saturday the shop doesn't open- because I go party with my friends like you." She winked and continued,"And my favorite color is blue. Now let's go!" "Go change into something sexy, my friend." 

I sighed and looked through my closet finding some clothes. I found my sister's dress in my luggage- whoops. I grabbed it out it had a long sleeve and it was a short dress. It was perfect and black. In the back had a V-cut line. To show my back. I grabbed my two black heels and wore it. I didn't felt like curling my brown hair so I left it straight but a bit in layers. 

I looked into the mirror seeing that this isn't the smart Erin. 

We entered in the club- I guess everyone knew who Erika was. "Stay here, I have to pee." I nodded leaning against the wall next to the bar. The darkness were flashing- purple;red;green;etc lights were spinning. My eyes saw some people grinding on each other- people having fun. And a guy was drinking out of the girl's belly button. Ew! Alcohol was everywhere. I didn't like the place- something tells me that this was a bad place to be at. I began to stand near a corner- I didn't like the fact that people were mauling off each other's face. Suddenly a man was standing there staring at me. As he got closer- I began to panic, I stood there looking at him. How unwise of me to stare. The man got closer and closer- he had a short brown quiff and dark brown eyes. "Hello beautiful." His rough British accent gave me the quivers. I was breathing heavily- he saw me and said,"Shh shh love, it's alright. Just follow me." Follow you where? I flinched when he moved his arm to touch my face. "So innocent. yet beautiful." He crashed his lips onto me. I was getting scared, I didn't kiss back but pushed him away from me. "Feisty." 

"S-stay away from m-me." I whispered. He towered over me and I saw a smirk from his face, his lips were attached to my neck- kissing it-then he bit my neck; not to hard but a love bite. "L-let go of me. Stop please." He reached down to my ass and kissed my forehead. 

"What's your name love?" His asked. I whimpered- if I lie would he go away? "And don't you lie to me." F-Fuck.


"Last name?" What is he? A stalker. I bit my lip.

"Erin Falls." I gulped- he touched my cheeks. He then reached into my pocket- I hate this dress already it has a pocket- then took my phone. He dialed someone's number and called, his phone vibrated. Unbelievable...he jut called himself.

He smirked and whispered,"I will see you again. I mean soon...or later. Just remember that mark on your neck means you're mine." 

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