Through The Dark

Erin Falls comes from a small town in Michigan. From a young age, all Erin wanted to do was get out of Michigan and away from her overly strict parents. Which is why when she got accepted into Wolverhampton University, she couldn't help but jump on the chance of getting away from her parents.

But once there, everything didn't turn out as planned. By catching the eye of Liam Payne, the most dangerous boy in Wolverhampton, she is pulled into a dangerous world of drugs, gangs, drunks, fights, and abuse. She most definitely did not sign up for this.


5. A/N



Sorry guys I promised to update but I'm busy. So right now I will update when I am done with Irresistible, which is about in March- April. Sorry for everything, Liam fans. Please don't unfavorite or anything, I will update when Irresistible is done! I promise and I always keep my promises. 

I guarantee it! No fingers crossed or anything, and by the time it's the end of April, I will add some mature parts in the next chapter. :) Thank you for your time. 




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