The Black Wolf With Blue Eyes

This story is about a wolf named blue and the hardships she faces


2. New mates

      Blue padded side by side  to smokey.She had been feeling something for the dark grey male  every sense he had saved her from the bloodmoon  male that attacked her,she had the scars to show."So Blue.......iv'e been meaning to ask you something"-Smokey barked breaking the silence between the two."What is it"-She barked back."Oh uh.........i was just wondering if you wanted to go hunting".Smokey barked. "Uh sure"-She barked back.The two padded side by side to a good hunting spot in the forest."Blue i didn't just bring you out here just to go hunting"Smokey barked "Then what did you bring me here for.She barked confused "I brought you here to do this"Smokey then licked her muzzle"Blue will you you be my mate"Smokey barked in a whisper "Of course i will!" She barked excitedly "Lets go tell the pack"She barked 

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