If Only I Could Tell

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That one little notification changed my life forever. My name is Haley Douglas, and I'm falling in love with a british boy named Harry. There's only one problem... We've never actually met. This isn't even the biggest problem I have to go through. My heart soon gets twisted and turned upside down. My best friend Niall is the only thing that gets me through it, the web of his old drama from the start of high school, to the drama back in Europe with harry that soon gets entangled into one big mess.


4. Waiting for Niall

"What are you doing here Zayn, I want to leave right now!" I yelled at him and tried to unbuckle my seatbelt and get out of his car. 

"Hals calm down, I thought we were cool now wasn't this all behind us?" He questioned me and I almost believed his forgiving eyes. 

"No Zayn, we are NOT cool now. And NEVER call me Hals again. Only my friends call me that. You ruined my life do you not get that? All of my friends turned against me just so they could be friends with you, the stupid jerk you are!" I screamed at him and finally found the unlock button. 

I ran out into the rain and I couldn't tell if the wetness on my face was from the rain, my tears, or both. I really fell for him. Zayn was my first crush, ever since he moved here in the 6th grade. Him and his best friend always bullied me, but for some reason he had made my heart fall in love with him. 

I could feel my clothes getting soaked through, and that just made me feel worse. Trudging through the rain I finally made it to the school. By the time I got there it was almost halfway through second period. I didn't have a dry bone in my body, and I decided to call Niall. 

"Hello?" I hear Niall whisper. He was probably in the back of his speech class right now.

"Niall I'm soaking wet and Zayn came and I'm crying and I'm so sad and Niall he ruined my life oh my gosh I HATE HIM I HATE HIM" I sobbed hysterically into my phone. 

"I'll be right there Haley. Where are you?" 

"By the bench outside where we eat lunch in the summer." 

"I'll be there, it'll be ok. You can explain more when I get there, I've got to-" 

I heard his voice get cut off and the speech teacher Mrs. Jackson say "Mr. Horan, cellular devices are against school policy. I'll take that." And then it cuts off. 

I laugh to myself. Niall is always getting his phone taken away. He's not even a bad kid either so it's always funny when he does something bad. The rain had stopped pouring on me, now it was just a light drizzle. I looked to my right and saw the old weathered down bench where Niall and I spent lunch. We always snuck out and ate out here, and if teachers ever saw us they just looked the other way because we never did anything bad in class. I sat on the bench to wait for Niall, and drifted back into thoughts of Zayn. 

Zayn Malik was the most popular boy in school from the moment he moved here. He came from England in the 6th grade because his parents decided to move to the US for work. I fell in love with him too. Well, so did everyone else but still. I would obsess over him, saying hi or waving or even eye contact with him made my day. My pathetic crush continued throughout the years, until the dance... 

Everyone loved him so much because he had the softest voice, yet managed to be the most loud and obnoxious person ever. He was a huge jock, and coming from the UK of course he was amazing at soccer. He's good at everything he did, and he knew it. He also was a major player, dating a different girl almost every week. Once high school came around, he started getting a sort of 'bad-boy' vibe around him. He got a couple tattoos, and he was always that kid in school who didn't care; he just wanted a laugh. How could someone so hot be such a jerk?

I was so upset and I decided to text Harry. 

Me: Hi

Harry: hey love

Me: lol didnt know we were that close yet(;

Harry: nah, thats just the brit in me coming out

I was oddly disappointed at that... 

Me: oh i see... :p

Harry: so how's life in the US?

Me: :/

Harry: what's wrong?? 

Me: I just. This stupid boy has come back into my life and its killing me

Harry: What'd this jerk do to you????

Me: I dont want to talk about it.

Harry: I think you need to tell me. Is he hurting you?????

Me: no! of course not! I just.. he used to make me feel so bad about myself...

Harry: Whos this jerk ill beat his ass

Me: heh, just some jock named Zayn, i just.. Maybe we can talk about him later I'm not in the mood rn. 

Harry: of course whatever you want! :)

Me: oh Harry.. ive got to go i'm waiting for my friend ok? 

Harry: i'll miss you atifdgjkglk

Me: gosh Styles youre such loser, bye. (:

I then come back to reality from my phone as I feel Niall tap my shoulder, and I jump up from the bench and pull him into a tight hug. Then I realize, it wasn't Niall. Niall didn't smell like smoke and a sort of strong cologne. Niall wasn't this tall either. 

"Seriously get away from me Zayn!" I shove him away immediately. 

"Calm down, yeah?" He says, backing away. "I just want to... talk." 

"I do not want to talk to you, look at you, or see you. Let alone hug you I swear where the hell is Niall anyway?" 

"He got caught trying to skip class, he's not coming sweetheart." He says sarcastically and is  obviously enjoying himself. 

"Damn. Well I don't want to see you anymore so if you could leave that'd be just great." I sass, sitting back on the bench. 

He sat next to me and I gave him a glare worthy of the devil. "Go. Away." I say through clenched teeth. 

"Haley... I need to talk to you. I.. What I did to you was terrible, and I'm so sorry.." 

Hmm. So Zayn did have a soft side? Weird. 

I look over at him and when my eyes meet mine my stomach flutters. No. I can't have feelings for him after what he did to me. But those dark hazel eyes were like windows to his soul. Maybe he wasn't so bad after all... 

"Fine Zayn, we can talk. Later.. Like tomorrow. After I talk to Niall." 

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