If Only I Could Tell

@Harry_Styles has followed you on twitter.

That one little notification changed my life forever. My name is Haley Douglas, and I'm falling in love with a british boy named Harry. There's only one problem... We've never actually met. This isn't even the biggest problem I have to go through. My heart soon gets twisted and turned upside down. My best friend Niall is the only thing that gets me through it, the web of his old drama from the start of high school, to the drama back in Europe with harry that soon gets entangled into one big mess.


1. The "Twitter Lover"

@Harry_Styles has followed you on Twitter.

Well this guy looked cool, so thinking nothing of it I clicked the follow back button. As it changed from white to blue my life was changed forever.


"Niall come here!" I yelled up to my best friend who was standing six people in front of me in the lunch line.

"Gosh Hals calm down." He chuckled as he said this, his Irish accent still prominent, even after three years in the USA. We both got out of the lunch line and headed toward our table. "What's wrong anyways?"

"Nothing’s wrong! Niall oh my gosh this super cute guy followed me on Twitter- oh my gosh I just. He's so cute I can't handle it!" I squealed, ignoring Niall's eye rolls- as usual.

"Wow Haley I thought this was going to be exciting." He joked, shaking his blonde head. He laughed and walked away from me.

I watched him as he swerved through the herds of juniors and other seniors. I focused my gaze onto his playful blonde hair as it wandered its way through the crowd. The lunchroom was full of gossip from friends and the loud roars of laughter that came from each clique. I continued walking to my lunch table that was over in the corner. I still couldn't believe that that Harry guy followed me, even though he was just some random cute guy from the UK. I found my table, sat next to Niall, and punched him in the arm as he cracked jokes about my new "Twitter Lover".

“My little Haley is growing up so fast!” He feigned excitement, his blue eyes sparkling.

“Be a little nicer Niall, it's crazy but I’m not going to be alone forever!”

“Hmm, maybe we should throw you a party.” I could feel the sarcasm dripping from his words.

I sighed and went back to my mushy carrots, just wanting to go home and talk to this Harry guy more.



Hey guys, it's myfiveboyz here! :) I'm so excited to be writing this fanfic because 1D is just basically my life... This story started out as a school narrative assignment, but what self respecting directioner WOULDN'T turn it into a fanfic???? also, sorry for the short chapter, I just needed to get this written because you know, when ideas happen they happen! :) please tell people about my story, and like it if you liked it! ~myfiveboyz

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