If Only I Could Tell

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That one little notification changed my life forever. My name is Haley Douglas, and I'm falling in love with a british boy named Harry. There's only one problem... We've never actually met. This isn't even the biggest problem I have to go through. My heart soon gets twisted and turned upside down. My best friend Niall is the only thing that gets me through it, the web of his old drama from the start of high school, to the drama back in Europe with harry that soon gets entangled into one big mess.


6. Romeo, oh Romeo


Wow, long time no update. Sorry, I've just been so busy, but once I started writing this chapter I got so many new ideas so this story should be great. For Christmas Im on vacation skiing, so I won't be able to update all that much but I will update, I swear it won't be two months this time! :) thanks for reading though because I just love writing this story. Sorry again! Love you all and merry christmas! :) 



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Haley's POV: 

I grabbed my phone and quickly answered when I saw Niall's contact. 

"NIALL I AM SO ANNOYED." I shout, flopping back onto my bed. 

It was Friday night and once again, I had no plans. Niall was grounded because of his detention on Thursday. 

"Hey Haley" he seems nervous to talk to me. 


"Hey! I'm not an idiot!" I can picture him Smiling to himself. 

"No, you aren't," I smile to myself too. 

"So, boy trouble?" 

"YES. Zayn was literally staring me down the whole day. AND yesterday I was talking to Harry again and he said he knew Zayn from some music camp or something. But yeah basically Zayn's a major creep." I sigh. 

"Hals, I actually called you to talk about him..." 

"What about him?"

"Yeah, well after school today when I was walking home I saw him, Liam, and that creep Louis behind the school. I don't know what they were talking about, but I heard them say your name. Be careful." 

"I'm sure they weren't saying anything, besides the normal mean shit they talk about me." I laugh nervously. 

"No seriously, be careful. Zayn looked.. I don't know.. Dangerous ok? Don't trust him." 

"Fine I'll be careful." 

By the time we hang up it's almost 10:30. I start to go over to my closet to get some pajamas, when I heard a sharp crack at my window. 

Zayn's POV: 

So to get Haley to fall for me again, I decide to use the 'romance' appeal. So after talking to Liam and Louis about it, I decided to do that stupid Romeo shit, knocking at the window and all. Then the fun would really begin. 

Haley's POV: 

What the hell??? I think to myself, and walk over to my window. I jump back as another what looks like a rock hits my window. With help from the street lights I could make out a boy throwing the rocks. He wasn't blonde so it for sure wasn't Niall and I didn't know who else would be- oh wait. The flash of leather jacket I saw gave him away. It was Zayn. 

Opening my window I stuck my head out and whisper screamed, "Zayn! What do you think you're doing?!"

"Oh hey. I was wondering if you wanted to... Hang out?" He almost looks sheepish wow. 

"No actually, why the fuck would I want-"

He cuts me off, "well, are you doing anything else?" He smirks, already knowing the answer. 

"Well, no, but- I can't just leave, not with you!" The warning bells are goig off in my head, plus more from my talk with Niall. 

"Haley just come down here, jeez!" He yells up to me, starting to sound annoyed. 

"Fine!" I yell back, ignoring all my common sense as my pride takes over my actions. 

I grab my phone and small purse and sneak downstairs. Never in my life have I snuck out before. This is new to me. I think about leaving a note but then feel stupid, doesn't everyone sneak out at least once in their life? I open the front door slowly and walk out to see Zayn's car. When I open the door and get inside I see that he's the only one in it. 

"Wow you actually came. I'm impressed."

I just glare at him.

"Where are we going Zayn?"

"We're going to a party Haley." He says, mocking me. 

"I don't know, you'll find out" he doesn't say anything else so I try to ignore his gorgeous eyes by looking out the window trying to figure out our destination. 

We drive for about five minutes in awkward silence and then Zayn reaches to the dash and turns on the radio. He turns it to the station that plays all the popular songs and starts humming along. I Look back out the window, the silence gone but the car still awkward. I can tell he doesn't really want me here. 

"Where are we going?" I try asking again.

 I never should have come with him. 

To my surprise, he actually answers me. "Well this guy who gave me one of my tattoos is hosting a party at his house. It's about 15 more minutes"

"Oh, ok." I smile nervously. It doesn't seem like my kind of party. Then again, I don't go to parties, none of them are my type. 

"HEY!" He suddenly turns up the radio. "This is my jam!" 

It's Roar by Katy Perry. I bite my lip and try not to burst out laughing. 

"Really? Katy Perry?" I can't hold in my laughter any longer, I burst out laughing. 

He just turns it louder and sings along. "AND YOU'RE GONNA HEAR ME ROOOAAAR" 

I groan and laugh some more, the tension gone from the car. I start to sing along, and subconsciously notice his flawless voice. 

Zayn's POV:

"I've got the eye of the tiger," she belts out, almost comfortable around me now. 

Good. That's the plan. Make her like me. The way she sings is so awkward yet I find myself enjoying it. No. Stop Zayn. Snap out of it. You have a plan, don't let old feelings get in the way. A plan that includes taking her to this shit party, getting her drunk enough to do something stupid, then post it everywhere. Oh and then when she's falling apart, I'll swoop in and be her Mr. Prince Charming, saving the day. 

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