If Only I Could Tell

@Harry_Styles has followed you on twitter.

That one little notification changed my life forever. My name is Haley Douglas, and I'm falling in love with a british boy named Harry. There's only one problem... We've never actually met. This isn't even the biggest problem I have to go through. My heart soon gets twisted and turned upside down. My best friend Niall is the only thing that gets me through it, the web of his old drama from the start of high school, to the drama back in Europe with harry that soon gets entangled into one big mess.


2. Please?

When I got home that night I started to do my algebra homework. It was solving absolute value inequalities or something confusing like that. I didn't even get all the way done when I heard my phone buzzing from my desk. As I picked it up off of my charger station and radio, I looked down and saw a Twitter notification: @Harry_Styles favorited your tweet. I slid the bar over and typed in my password as fast as I could. The tweet he had favorited read: "Favorite this tweet if you wish we could hang tonightttt!!! #foreveralone" I had posted that and the only other person that had favorited it was Niall.

I grabbed my laptop and opened up the screen. I typed the website into the search box, and pulled up Twitter. I was going to do some profile stalking, and see exactly who this Harry was.

@Harry_Styles: so bored. This math homework is confusing! #algebrasucks

@Harry_Styles: just got back from the apple store i bought lots of apples.

@Harry_Styles: helloooo


He seemed really cool and he apparently was going to visit L.A. soon, about a semester into my first year of collage! Plus L.A. was only half a day's drive away from San Francisco, where I lived.

I started to type him a message but I didn't really know what to say. I gave up and went downstairs to eat dinner. When I got back to my room after I had eaten, I immediately checked my phone. There was a message from Harry! Quickly I slid the notification bar over and opened the full message.

It read @Harry_Styles: Hey Haley, I just wanted to say hi and that i think it'd be great if we got to know each other, idk you seem cool. So message me sometime?

Then I got another message reading @Harry_Styles: Please? :)

Ok, now I was really freaking out. He thinks I’m cool? That surprised me honesty, because I had been made fun of my whole life at school. I was the girl who liked being alone and had only a few close friends. My freshman year was the worst. I had just moved into the district, and I had no friends at all. I just stayed by myself and was mostly left alone. That is, until the annual Spring Formal happened. To put this long story short, the most popular guy in school asked me as a joke to the dance, and unknowingly I fell straight into his trap. He was gorgeous, and had all the girls’ hearts. Including mine.

So let’s flash forward to the dance. Picture this: An extremely excited girl, finally fitting in, getting ready, her mom waiting by the door with a camera to get a picture of the cute high school date her daughter had picked up. The mother was beaming with pride, and the girl had the biggest smile on her face. Her date was supposed to pick her up at 5:15. The minutes ticked by. 5:30. 5:45. 5:50. The mother is comforting her slowly breaking down daughter, and she tries to keep smiling as the clock turned to 6:15. The girl shows up at school the next day hoping no one had heard about it. Guess what? Everyone had. The girl was now known as Haley, the girl who actually fell for the oldest trick in the book. The rest of that year was torture. No one ever talked to me. I honestly had no one.

That was when our grade got a new foreign exchange student. His name was Niall Horan, a blonde hair blue eyed kid from Mullingar, Ireland. He made me happy when I was with him and I finally felt like I had a friend. Well, a goofy, nerdy, musical, loser friend that is! But I loved him he helped me through so much high school drama. Even though we weren’t that popular at school, my sophomore and junior years were the best years of my life. Until senior year, when I started talking to Harry and it just got better.

Anyways, the message I sent back just said some casual things, and I gave him my number. Happily I fell back into my plushy covers and went to sleep.



Hey guys! So I hope you liked this chapter! Again, just background knowledge, but you know stories always needing that exposition. :) wow already 30 views this is crayyyyyyyzaaaayyy thanks everyone! Also if you like sci-fi stuff you should probably check out the novel Divided that my friend and I are writing. Thats all for now, bye! 



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