If Only I Could Tell

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That one little notification changed my life forever. My name is Haley Douglas, and I'm falling in love with a british boy named Harry. There's only one problem... We've never actually met. This isn't even the biggest problem I have to go through. My heart soon gets twisted and turned upside down. My best friend Niall is the only thing that gets me through it, the web of his old drama from the start of high school, to the drama back in Europe with harry that soon gets entangled into one big mess.


3. My Worst Enemy

Beep. Beep! BEEP! 

"Ugh." I groan as I roll over and smack my gradually increasing in volume alarm clock. 

It was 6:15, and I needed to leave for school by 7:15. I hate Thursdays. Most people hate Mondays, but for me, I hate Thursdays. Like it's almost Friday, but not quite, and you've already done a bunch of shit that week and the weekend is almost mocking you. I'll give you one guess to what day it was. If you guessed Thursday, we have a winner! 

I got up out of bed and slowly stretched my arms, then pulled back my covers and jumped to the floor. Once I was awake, I was one of those people that couldn't get back to sleep. Across of my bed in my room my closet had a giant mirror on it. I looked at myself in the reflection and laughed. My hair was a huge mess and makeup was smeared all over. I guess I forgot to take it off last night. 

Last night I stayed up until two in the morning talking to Harry. We had texted for a couple hours, and I still couldn't forget about it. He was so sweet, and funny, and really seemed to like me. Of course you also couldn't forget about his smile, his dimples, his perfect green eyes, and the hair! It was so curly I could barely stand it!

I opened my closet and searched through the mess of clothes for something to wear. I finally decided on some tight ripped skinny jeans, my favorite vans, the beat up black ones, and a loose black oversize hoodie from my favorite store. Since I didn't have much time to do my hair or makeup, I quickly braided my long dark brown hair into a couple of braids and ran a straightener over it, creating some beachy looking waves. Next for my makeup I just put on some foundation, concealer, and powder. Then I drew on a little bit of eyeliner, curled my eyelashes, and put on a few coats of my favorite mascara. There. I stare at myself in the mirror and I look as presentable as I'm going to get.

On the way out of my room I grabbed my favorite white beanie since it was just beginning to be fall. I found my backpack at the kitchen table, along with a buttery and warm piece of toast. 

"THANKS MOM!" I yell as I race out the door, not grabbing my keys since my car was in the shop. 

Halfway through my walk to school I hear thunder. Shit. I think to myself, It can't rain. My house was about a 15 minute walk to school, and I was only five minutes in.

Right as I start to feel the first heavy drops on my head, I hear a horn honk and a non familiar voice yell, "Hurry up and get in it's gonna pour!" 

Without looking up I ran to the car, which was a black mustang, one I'd seen in the parking lot but didn't know who it belonged to.

"Thanks!" I say, as I sat in the passenger seat, wiping the droplets off of myself. I then looked up to find a very familiar face smirking at me, one perfect eyebrow raised in amusement. 

"Zayn." I say, the anger consuming my face. 

"Hey girl, long time no see." He winks at me, and I try to hold back the tears, "Ah, when was it, back in freshman year I think?" 

This boy. This evil, jerky boy. Zayn Malik, the one who ruined my social life forever. Zayn, my worst enemy, my fake date to the freshman spring formal. 



heheh cliffhangers are always fun, right? (; so did you like this chapter? The drama's starting up woo! also I have a question for the rest of the story. There's going to be two bad boys Zayn and someone else. Who would you rather see as Zayn's sidekick:  Louis or Liam?? Post your thoughts belowwwww. Also, be sure to keep checking back for updates, and sorry this one was a little late! ALSO STORY OF MY LIFE AND ALL YEAH IM LATE ON THIS BUT IVE BEEN FREAKING OUT JUST HAVENT UPDATED SO I COULDNT FREAK ABOUT IT IN AN AUTHORS NOTE YET! :) I LOVE THEM AND THE VIDEO AND AWH. <3 



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