Friends With Benefits

Bridgette Is started to really feel love for other guys. Thats right i said guys. What will happen with Geoff? Will her new guy take up all her time? Will she end up with someone no one expected?


3. The Mystery in Love

"Bridgette, me and your dad are going to be gone for the night." Said mom.

"Where are you going?" I said puzzled.

"To visit your grandmother" tonight I had a night for me all alone. To think.

Later that day mom and dad pulled out of the drive way and drove to grandmas house. I stood by the window in my room looking at the sunset slowly turn into sun fall and into darkness. I sat on my bed.

"Hmm what todo" I was about to turn on the tv when I heard a knock at the door. I ran downstairs and opened it.

It was Duncan

"Bridge, I couldn't stop thinking about us... you" he said. He stood there looking so handsome with the charcoal sky behind him. I just stood there in shock.

"I...I" I stuttered a bit "I couldn't stop thinking about you and me either"

"Oh," he grabbed my hand. "May I come in?"

"Of course." I lead him into the living room and we both sat on the couch.



It was quiet for a minute. We both looked around. He scratched his neck. I bit my lip. Then it all went down from there.

He grabbed my waist. I blushed. We both stared into each others eyes for 10 seconds. Then Duncan whispered

"Do I have Permission to kiss you" I nodded as are faces got closer. We were noes to noes. As my cell phone went off. Ugh my STUPID CELLPHONE! We both watched it ring, and we started to laugh. Finally after laughing we kissed, but after one kiss we couldn't stop. It was uncontrollable. We french kissed. It was like a thousand little birds jumped out of my heart and made me dizzy. I let are tongues wrestle for a little until he took of his shirt. Oh god oh god Geoff Geoff Geoff. What if he finds out!! Never mind. I cant think about Geoff right now. I started to unbutton my shirt until a heard a loud bang on the door.

"BRIDGETTE! ARE YOU OK" yelled a fimilair voice.

"Shit its Geoff" I whispered.

"Oh fuck." Duncan quickly jumped off of me.

"Where do I go!!" He impatiently said.

"JUST A MINUET" I yelled. I pushed Duncan in the closet and threw him his shirt. I opened the door.

"BRIDGE!" It was Geoff. he hugged me.

"Oh hey Geoff." I mumbled.

"He how come your shirt is unbuttoned?"

"Oh umm" I leaned against the wall. "I.. I umm i was waiting for you to come over" I said in a really sexy voice. "Maybe we could ya know" I took Geoff onto the couch"

"I like the sound of this" Geoff said. Oh fuck fuck FUCK! Duncan was gonna hear me and Geoff have sex!

"Hey bridge before we uhh, get it on do you mind putting my coat in the closet?" I hesitated. I knew Geoff would see Duncan.

I closed my eyes opened the closet and to my surprise... Duncan wasn't there. I put Geoff's coat away. Where was Duncan!?

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