Friends With Benefits

Bridgette Is started to really feel love for other guys. Thats right i said guys. What will happen with Geoff? Will her new guy take up all her time? Will she end up with someone no one expected?


5. Junior Ditch Day

I woke up to my alarm going off. I hit it with my left arm. Ow! I rolled over on my stomach. I heard a voice.

"Baby you up?" Duncan whispered. I wiped my eyes and blinked a couple times.

"Yeah," I nestled up on the pillow. Duncan laying on me holding me tightly. "We have togo to school" I said.

"Endless we just ditch it and sleep in." Said Duncan.

"Ive never actually ditched before" I bit my lip. Should I ditch? I mean on one hand I would spend a whole day with a guy who makes my heart beat 100 miles per hour but it would effect my grades, and senior ditch day isn't until next year.

"Its not that bad, il call school" he offered. I was so tired how could I resist?

"Yes, this is Bridgette's father. Yes, mhm, ok, bye" he hung up the phone. He jumped back on the bed with a smirk across his face. He started to kiss my neck and my shoulders. And then he was kissing my chest. I didn't stop him. He held me tightly and kept kissing me all over. I just felt a flush of red on my face. I started to close my eyes.

We jumped on a hill. Looked at the clouds. Cuddled on the grass. The warm sun pressed against are faces like a perfect glow. He picked me up. As he carries me threw a flower patch. The cool summer breeze. I wore a beautiful flower crown. A long blue dress. He wore a navy button down shirt. Half unbuttoned. So sexy. I lay on him. Us staring into each others eyes. As we both moved are lips close.

"Bridgette I made you breakfast" from a voice down stairs. I shook my head. Sadly the cool summer day was a dream. I sighed and got out of bed. I walked downstairs in my bra. Who cares its not like the whole school would see. Wow I'm turning into such a slut. I let my hair fall down to my waist. Long wavy and blonde. No point in putting it up. It will look more feisty down. I strut towards the kitchen trying to make my hair bounce up and down so Duncan would notice I walked in.

I leaned my hand on the fridge. He turned around.

"Whoa, you look really" he looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head.

"Sexy" he mumbled. I laughed and wrapped my arms around him from the back. He smiled and stopped cooking. He grabbed my face and gave me a big kiss. It lasted a good 30 seconds, but we had to stop so he wouldn't burn the eggs.

We both ate breakfast and thought about what we should do all day. We decided the beach. I ran upstairs changed, grabbed my things, and left with Duncan. We stopped at his house so he could get his stuff. His parents were sleeping so we tried to be really quite and so we wouldn't get busted. As we walked to the beach he held my hand tightly.

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