Friends With Benefits

Bridgette Is started to really feel love for other guys. Thats right i said guys. What will happen with Geoff? Will her new guy take up all her time? Will she end up with someone no one expected?


1. Guilty Pleasure

I Know I'm dating Geoff. I know I'm probably the worst teenage girl in the world. But Every time he looks at me, with his gentle eyes. Or touches me with his soft hand, I just Melt. Oh how I wish I've never met him so I would never have the temptation of cheating, yet if I never had met him my heart would've never felt the glow it does when I see him or talk to him.

"Hey Bridge" I quickly turned around and there he was.

"Oh hey Duncan" I could feel my face turning red just with the sight of him.

"Want me to carry your books?" He offered.

Omg he wants to carry my books.

"Thanks thats so sweet of you" I smiled trying to hide my red face. He instantly grabbed my books and walked with me down the hallway.

I didn't know what to say. The second guy I have ever loved in my life was carrying my books for me.

"You know Bridgette you are really-" his sentence got cut off by a teacher running down the hallway. She looked angry. I wondered why until she glared at Duncan.

"Oh shit" he mumbled.

He grabbed me with his arm. His big strong arm. He looked like a god, no a super hero.

We ran into the broom closet at the end of the hall. He closed the door.

"What did you do this time?" I tried to make myself sound confident.

"Cheat on a test" he said. We both burst out into laughter.

"Shhhhh" he put his finger on my lip. I felt myself go numb. Me and Duncan were standing alone. In a broom closet. Pressed up closely against eachother with his finger on my lip. We stared at each other for a moment in silence. There he was, there I was. We both hesitated for a second but then it happened. He grabbed my back and pushed it into his chest. He started to kiss me. It was like my whole life lead up to this moment. It felt like my whole life was dull until now. The most sexiest human being was holding me tightly and kissing me. I couldn't just stand there numb and in shock anymore. I fiercely kissed back. It started off just a kiss. Until his tongue went down my throat. I pushed him in closer. Even closer then close. I wanted him so badly. He stopped for a second as I breathed fast. He began to kiss my face. My cheek my eye lid my neck. Was the broom closet getting hot in here or was it just me. We started to Make out again. But as we kept kissing the thought all of a sudden occurred to me. Im dating Geoff. Even though Duncan and I were embracing in a closet I kept thinking. Geoff. What will I do. As I was about to pull back he slid his hand into my shirt. Instead of stopping I kept going, Im such a cheater! I could feel the heat of everything happening so fast. Duncan grazed his hand over my bra. As we were about to go further the bell rang.

The stupid bell.

We both came to are senses.

"That was amazing" duncan said.

"I... I ummm" I ran out. I ran out of the school broom closet so fast Duncan couldn't even fit a word in. I stumbled in late for class. Pulling down the bottom of my shirt so I wouldn't look guilty. I felt a tap.

"Hey Bridge" whispered Geoff from Behind. "Where were you?"

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