Friends With Benefits

Bridgette Is started to really feel love for other guys. Thats right i said guys. What will happen with Geoff? Will her new guy take up all her time? Will she end up with someone no one expected?


7. Dinner, Dessert, and Kissing?

The weirdest thing happened to me. I was on a beach. Looking for my mom. The sky started to get dark and the water pounded to sure. I lay there lost,

but I guess it was just a dream.

"Bridgette" I heard my mom call me from downstairs. I walked downstairs and sat at the table.

"There is this wonderful boy and there family coming over for dinner. Mom said.


"Your Dads boss, his wife, and his son your age. Maybe you too could go upstairs and hit it off" she elbowed me.

"Mom!!" I yelled.

"Sorry honey but if you maybe got to know him you would be interasted." There are already so many guys. No more please. NO MORE GUYS.

I chilled in my room for a bit. I was listening to my iPod with head phones when I felt a tap in my back. I turned around. There was a tall buff looking guy about my age. He had dark skin and looked really cute? I couldn't tell if he was staring at me or the picture of me on the wall.

"Hey" he said.

"Hey I'm Bridgette" I said.

"Im Lightning." He said confidently.

"Have I seen you Before? I feel like I know you?" I said.

"Im not sure" he said. "So what are you listening to" he peered over my shoulder.

"Oh just cold play" I said.

"I love Coldplay" he smiled.

"My favorite is Fix You" we both said at the same time. I felt myself blush a little but I hid it. We both smiled as I put a head phone in his ear and we both listened. I was laying on my bed with a boy I had never met before. Real mature Bridgette. Your just begging for trouble. I listened to the soft music as all of a sudden it turned into a rapid heavy mettle song.

"Ahhhh!" I scream taring off the ear phone.

"Haha" he laughed "don't worry its just a song".

"Watcha wanna do now?" I asked. "I know its none of my business to ask but.....are you good at math?

He laughed again "I guess?"

"Good! Can you please help me with my math homework?"

"For a girl like you, of course" wahhhhh A girl like you? Did that mean Im a certain type of appealing? Hm. I showed him my math homework.

"A+B squared minus C squared so you will get a total of" I stared at him. He looks cute when he does math. BAD BRIDGETTE! STOP IT!

"Umm im pretty sure its" I cut him off "you know what, lets not do math" I said. Why are the words coming out of my mouth not the words im thinking in my head. He kinda looked like he was smirking when I said that. Did it sound sexy? Oh fuck! He started to lean over. Getting close to my lips.

"DINNER!" Mom yelled. Saved by Mom. Oh thank god.

"We can finish this later" he said smirking and pulling me down stairs. Ok I cant deny that he isn't cute. Cause he is really cute and I know im started to feel that faint feeling when my heart goes "ca-pow".

"Hey mom" I sat down. Lightning sat next to me.

"Did you too have fun?" She smiled.

"Yes Mrs. Miller he said. You have a lovely daughter." He smiled at me. I started to blush a little but was that a sign of me giving in?

Our parents started to make small talk when all of a sudden I felt something touching my hand. It took me a couple seconds to realize it was Lightnings hand. He was gesturing me to hold his hand. So I did. We held hands under the table. IM SUCH A SLUT. Mom stared at me with a smile.

After dinner we had dessert and it was time for the guests to go.

"Lightning lets go" his mother said.

"Hold on mom I think I left something upstairs." I walked with Lightning upstairs. So what did yo- oh no. Oh no oh no oh no. He cut me off. Grabbed my waist and started kissing me. WHAT DO I DO! AHHH! We made out for about 30 seconds until his mom forced him to come downstairs. Im the worst cheater of them all. The chestiest cheater there is. Duncan then Scott now Lightning? It was time for me to break the news to one of them. Sadly, I knew just the guy.

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