Friends With Benefits

Bridgette Is started to really feel love for other guys. Thats right i said guys. What will happen with Geoff? Will her new guy take up all her time? Will she end up with someone no one expected?


8. A Single yet Fragile Girl

"Geoff...hey" I said.

"Hey bridge" he had a huge smile across his face.

"We need to talk" i said sitting down at the coffee shop table. He looked confused but I kept speaking.

"Geoff, we need to break up" I said. He looked shocked.

"I totally understand b-but why?" He gulped.

"I like someone else" the person who I liked right now was unknown.

"Ok well any guy is lucky to have you bridge." He looked sad.

"Thanks for understanding, i would still love to be friends" he smiled. I walked out of the coffee shop and down the street. Wait. I stopped. Who am I suppose to date now? I mean Duncan is amazing and I think I wanna keep Scott as a friend but now that Lightning came into my life it made things worse. I decided to go to CVS to look at some cheap makeup and carry my thoughts.

I strolled in the store. I looked at the makeup. Just that second someone wrapped there arms around me. Was it a kidnapper!? Ahh!! He kissed me cheek. I looked in the corner of my eye.

"Hey Lightning" I blushed a bit.

"Hey, you here alone?" He asked.

"Yep" i said.

"Good." He started kissing me. Hey I'm a single girl now so I can kiss back! His tender lips moved across my top and bottom lip. It was one of those making out sessions were you turn your head every time you kiss with tongue.

We kept kissing in the CVS aisle. I looked out the window a bit and saw Geoff standing there. His hands in his pockets watching me and Lightning go at it. He looked upset. As I looked even closer a tear streamed down his face. We met each others eyes as Geoff walked away and didn't look back.

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