The Princess~ Niall Horan Punk

Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1

Narrators POV

      Everyone knew about Niall Horan. The small town of Brownwood's very own bad boy. His gang and him were know for stealing an giving; just like Robinhood. He had tattooes from head to toe. Song lyrics, poetry, and quotes; breathtaking drawing drawn only by him. 

       Halie Kramer the high schools very own lonely tormented nerd. No friends; in fact she was often used as she was so forgiving and kind. Nobody knew about her home life though her mom and sister were Lille in a car accident on impact. Her father didn't abuse her no he was to much of a coward to do that though it might have been better than what she received now. Neglect and cruel words were her daily dose of a loving father. 

     She knows about Niall but she doesn't care about the lies rumors and tattooes. She thinks he has a right to an unknown story... Just like she does.










 So I started writing this for a friend. Tell me wht you guys think and want to happen in the story your comments inspire me so please don't be a ghost reader comment and tell me what you think!!!! 

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