Marcel Styles was in love with the popular girl, Cassandra 'Crash' Lion. Perfect red hair, perfect eyes, perfect everything. But he is the geek, the underdog. She ignores him. When things change for both of them, they begin to fall, and fall hard.. In life, and for eachother.


2. The party.

Crash's POV

When school finished, I headed home to get dressed. There was a party tonight, my boyfriend Kristoff was organizing it. I undressed out of my jeans and shirt, and studied my reflection in the mirror. I had a perfect body, with a toned stomach and noticeable hip bones. I slid on a dress, a red one with black lace. It reached just to my knees, and complimented by curves. I ran a brush through my thick, wavy hair, and applied some makeup. I was ready.

Marcel's POV

I got home, to the smell of cooking. 'Smells delicious, mom!' I yelled. 'Oh, Harry! You're home.' My mom, Kristen said, coming out of the kitchen. 'Mom, my name is Marcel now.' I reminded her. I went up to my room, and flopped onto my bed.

I had given up everything in primary school. I used to have the curls, the dimples, the eyes. Eyes only for Cassandra. Every girl liked me. One time, a girl called Jessica liked me in grade 7. She forced herself on me, when Cassandra and I were going out for the first time since we had become best friends in preschool.

Jessica was forcing herself on me, kissing me and running her hair through my curls. Then, Cassandra came around the corner and seen Jessica and I. The hurt in her eyes I remember to this day. After that, she broke up with me, and turned popular. I vowed to change, and change I did.

I became shy, geeky Marcel. No longer Harry Styles, but Marcel Styles. Now, at 15 turning 16, I still have feelings for her. I would love to sing her to sleep at night, with a voice she once called an angel's.

I realized there was going to be a party tonight, so I quickly changed out of my uniform into my geeky clothes, looking yearningly at the part of my wardrobe jay hat had the punk tee shirts, the skinny jeans, the beanies.

I ran downstairs, grabbing the keys to my robin egg blue Suzuki Jimny. I hopped into the small, 2 door car, and sped off to go to the party. Not that I was invited, but they won't notice me.

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