Marcel Styles was in love with the popular girl, Cassandra 'Crash' Lion. Perfect red hair, perfect eyes, perfect everything. But he is the geek, the underdog. She ignores him. When things change for both of them, they begin to fall, and fall hard.. In life, and for eachother.


3. accident.

Crashes POV

I arrived at the party, parking my yellow convertible in the driveway at Kristoff's house. There were already a lot of cars lining the street, and music was pumping inside. I was shocked to see Marcel's blue car, parked on the kerb. I headed inside, to be greeted my Kristoff.

'Hey babe,' he purred, alcohol on his breath. 'Ive been waiting..' he said, pressing his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. His tongue searched my mouth, but I pushed him away. 'Stop Kristoff, you're drunk.' I snapped. 'Fine, you don't want to have fun. Let's play 7 minutes in heaven, then.' He smirked, yelling out at everyone to come and play.

Everyone sat in a circle, even Marcel. 'Why don't you start, babe..' Kristoff grinned, gesturing towards the bottle. I spun it, and watched the bottle for what seemed like an eternity. It stopped in Marcel. 'YOU ARE NOT FUCKING KISSING THAT DICK!' Kristoff yelled, lunging at Marcel. I screamed at Kristoff to stop, hammering my fists into his back. 'Oh, so you are in love with geek boy here?! Fucking bitch! You're such a slut, fucking every guy who looks at you!' Kristoff snapped. Then, he punched me. Hard. I blacked out.

A/N- short cliffhanger!

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