Rose in the dark

Rose had never had any girl friends. She never even had her family. The only People she spoke to were Zayn, Harry, Niall and Liam. She moved out of her house when her parents told her to either change her style, or pack her bags. So she lived with Zayn. One day, she meets Nialls girlfriend and her mates, and she realizes that having girl friends isn't too bad. But when she gets home, Zayn's cousin is there. She starts feeling strange things.. Could it be love?


1. Socialise.

"Rose.." I opened my eyes reluctantly and saw Zayn standing above my face. "Piss off Zayn.." I muttered and rolled back onto my front. I pushed my face into the pillow and pulled the covers over my face. I closed my eyes but Zayn pulled the quilt off me. I sat up quickly, "seriously Zayn! Piss off!" I snatched the quilt out of his hands and covered my self with it. "Rose if you don't get out of that bed then I am never going to buy you a McDonalds breakfast ever again!" Zayn said loudly. I poked my head out, "you wouldn't dare!" I whispered. He raises his eyebrows and I pulled myself out of bed. McDonald's breakfast was our thing . I shuffled over to my draw and pulled out some clothes. "I'll be down stairs.." Zayn said, and he left the room. I groaned loudly, "I heard that!" He called as he walked down the hall, "you were supposed to!" I retorted. I pulled my pjs off and slipped into my checked skirt and black vest. I had been living with Zayn for almost a month now, ever since my mother kicked me out. The only reason she kicked me out was because I decided I wanted to change my style. Instead of being all girly girl like she wanted, I went punk. Yeah, it was pretty cool, apart from the fact that I lost my family. I sighed and went downstairs to Zayn. He was cooking a full English breakfast. "Smells good.." I said as I inhaled the delicious fumes. "It is good.." Zayn said dishing it up onto two plates. I tucked in quickly and was soon done with eveeyrhing. "Were you hungry?" Zayn asked as I put my plate in the sink. "Just a little" I smirked. "Plans for today?" Zayn asked, taking his own and putting it in the sink too "Watch TV.. Eat.. Sleep.. Eat... More TV." I said sarcastically, although that was probably what it would actually be like. "God. You need to get some girlfriends.." Zayn muttered, "EXCUSE ME! I am NOT a lesbian!" I protested loudly. "NO! I meant girls.. Who are friends!" Zayn cleard. I sighed. "Can't I just hang out with your friends? They are so much cooler than girls!" I moaned at him. "Speaking of my friends." Zayn said, and his three best friends burst in. Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Harry Styles. "Rosie!!!" Harry screamed when he saw me. I jumped up and ran at him, hugging him tightly, "HAZZA!" I yelled and he stumbled backwards with my sudden weight. "I've missed you rose!" He laughed. "I missed you Haz." I smiled. Now, before you say anything, me and Harry aren't dating. It's just a playful thing we do. You know, sarcastic "I love you"s and kisses on the cheeks. But it doesn't mean anything the rest of the boys laughed and sat down at the table by Zayn. "What's happening today then?" Niall asked. "Nothing really.." Zayn sighed. "Why don't we go out?" Liam suggested. "Where?" I asked. "Anywhere we like!" Harry smiled. The boys started to brain storm ideas so I just went and sat on the sofa. I wasn't listening to the boys, or the TV. I just sat. Suddenly, the house phone rang. "Got it." I shouted to zayn. I picked it up, "hello?" I asked politely. "Zayn?" A male voice said, "no this is his friend. Who are you?" I asked, "oh, I'm... Can I just speak to Zayn please?" The bits asked awkwardly. I called Zayn in and handed him the phone. "Hey dude." He smiled. "Yeah..... Okay.... Awesome. Great! See Ya!" As he hung up. "Who the heck was that?" I asked trying to to sound to nosy, "mind your own bees wax!" Zayn laughed and walked back out to the boys. I sighed loudly, "I heard that one too!" He shouted, "again! You were supposed to!" I called back.


A few hours later we were on the train to god knows where. The boys had told me where we were going but I didn't pay any attention. I sat with my head on my hand, staring out the window as all the country side flew by, blurred. "What's up?" Harry asked me, tapping my arm. "I'm just thinking.." I muttered. "About what?" Harry asked, sticking his nose in my face. "Stuff.." I simply said. "Your no fun." Harry pouted. I bobbed my tongue out and he slumped back into his seat. The train stopped to let a few more passengers on. One girl came into our cabin and smiled at Niall. "Abby!" Niall screams, jumping up and hugging the girl. She hugged him back and turned to face me, Zayn, Liam and Harry. "Hey boys. And I don't think we've met.." She said, turning to me. I put my hand out and introduced myself. "I'm Rose..." I smiled politely. "Abby." She smiled back. I motioned for Harry to move by Niall and invited Abby to sit by me. She was really nice. Her eyes were a chestnut brown and her light brown hair reached her shoulders. She didn't look like she we dressed as a girly, girl. More a tomboy, like me. I really liked this girl. "So, where are you living?" Abby asked. "With Zayn.." I admitted. "Well how come I've never met you before?" Abby said, raising her eyebrows and placing her hands on her hips. "She doesn't socialize!" Zayn butted in, "she locks herself in her room and stalks people over Instagram and Twitter!" He laughed. I shot him a death glare and he winked at me. "I don't have many friends. In fact.. These nutters are the only people I hang out with." I said to Abby quietly. "I have to take you out with my friends some time.." She muttered. Just then the train pulled into the final stop. Niall took Abby by the hand and pulled her out the cabin. I followed Zayn out and down the road for a few minutes, until we reached a large cinima. "You dragged me on a train for half an hour, to go to a cinima.." I rolled my eyes at Zayn. "What!" He put his arms up in defence. "There is a perfectly good cinima around the corner from us!" I reminded him. He used to work there! And he still brought us to one half an hour away. Me, Harry, Niall and Abby went to get snacks and drinks while Liam and Zayn got tickets. We were seeing Scary Movie 4, and I was actually pretty exited. I hadn't been out of the house in three months, let alone socialise with other people. We took our seats, and I sat between Harry and Abby, with Niall on her left, and Zayn on his. Harry put his hand on my leg half way through the movie and u felt quite awkward, since he was kind of like a best friend. "Harry.." I whispered. He looked at me then down at his hand. He retracted it immediately, mouthing sorry. He looked a little hurt so Igrabbed his hand and placed it back onto my leg, still holding it so that he wouldn't move it any higher. He smiled at me and leaned back in his seat. I saw Zayn looking at his and my hands, and looking at me strangely. When the movie was over we headed McDonald's over the road. We picked a table and ordered our food. Harry sat opposite me, looking quite awkward. "So, how was it to come out of your little hole for a day?" Niall asked me, tapping my arm. "I was surprised that she didn't burn in the sun light.." Liam commented with a cheeky smile. "I had fun.." I admitted sheepishly and everyone laughed. Abby glanced from Harry to me, obviously she had seen what had happened with us. I shook my head at her and she understood


We headed back to mine and Zayn's house and just chilled on the sofa. Suddenly Zayn's house phone rang again , and he jumped up to get it. "DUDE!" He yelled down the phone. "Yes! God I can't wait!!.... Yep. Right then. See ya!" And he walked back in. "Who is that?" I asked, but Zayn just tapped the side if his nose. "Jeez! It's not like it's the queen!" I retorted and everyone laughed. Then Liam flicked the TV over and Toy Story came on. "Woop!" He said, throwing his arms up in the air, "NOO!" I begged. "Turn it off!!" Harry yelled. But Liam kept it on and talked along to every line of the movie.

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