Rose in the dark

Rose had never had any girl friends. She never even had her family. The only People she spoke to were Zayn, Harry, Niall and Liam. She moved out of her house when her parents told her to either change her style, or pack her bags. So she lived with Zayn. One day, she meets Nialls girlfriend and her mates, and she realizes that having girl friends isn't too bad. But when she gets home, Zayn's cousin is there. She starts feeling strange things.. Could it be love?


2. Mystery Boy.

When I woke up in the morning I was not in my bedroom. I looked around and realised that I was lying, face down, on the living room floor. I tried to roll over but there was an arm wrapped around my shoulders. I glanced over my shoulder and saw a sleeping Harry, his curls all over the place, looking extremely cute. Everyone else was lying around the floor and the sofa too.. We must have all fallen asleep. I noticed that Abby and Niall where cuddled up together, and I felt a twang if jealousy in my stomach. Although I didn't look or act like the romantic type, I was a hopeless romantic. I had always dreamed of having the perfect relationship. With late night pick nicks, kisses on the nose, wrapping his arms round your weist, picking you up for school, all that gooey stuff. I sighed loudly and Harry moved. He was suddenly awake and I could feel him looking at the back of my head. "Hey." I smiled, turning over and supporting my head with my hand. "Morning. Sleep well?" Harry asked. I nodded and his breathtakingly cute smile spread across his face. Just then, people started to stir and wake up. Zayn saw me and Harry and gave me the same funny look as he had in the cinima. "Morning," I smiled at Zayn, but he didn't say anything. He just got up and made his was to the bathroom. I shook my head and saw that Abby was now awake. "Hey!" She grinned widely. He brown eyes looked amazing and her messy hair looked perfect around her pale face. God why can I look so good in the morning. I got up and helped Harry to his feet to. The only people left asleep where Liam and Niall, and they looked pretty content. "Shall we leave them?" Abby asked Zayn. Zayn grinned and looked at Harry. Then they both bolted up the stairs and came back down with a bucket of cold water. They counted down from three and chucked the water all over Liam and Niall. Niall let out a high pitched scream, sitting up right, where as Liam jumped ten meters in the air and fell onto his back. Me Abby, Harry and Zayn could not control our laughter. "Well at least you don't need a shower any more." I smiled as they got to their feet. "Ha. Funny..." Liam said sarcastically.


We were all just chilling on the sofa when the house phone went off AGAIN. "WHO THE HELL IS THAT!" I yelled as Zayn answered. He seamed to be giving instructions, but I couldn't really make out what he was saying. I glanced back at the boys and they were grinning at me. "You know don't you?" I said sharply. They all nodded and started laughing between themselves. Then Zayn walked back in. "Seriously Zayn, who is it?" I begged, trying to pout. He just sighed and shook his head, laughing at me. "Abby, take her out.." Zayn smiled. Abby grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. "Where are we going!" I protested as she dragged me towards her car. "To meet some friends!" She said happily, shoving me into the passenger seat.

Abby drove to the big shopping centre a few miles away and parked right close to the door. She pulled me into a small diner inside, that had that 50s, retro feel about it. She sat us down in one of the booths and waited. Suddenly, four girls appeared, smiling and waving at us. One was quiet small with bright blonde hair and red glasses framing her blue eyes. Three taller girls followed, one with dirty blonde hair and emerald eyes, one with caramel coloured hair and green eyes and one with chocolate brown hair and hazel eyes. They all sat down in the booth and started chatting to Abby. "So, who's this lovely lady?" The small one said. I blushed a little and put my hand out, "I'm Rose.." I said, shaking their hands. They introduced themselves. "I'm Danielle," the caramel haired girl said, "Selena," said the smaller one smiled, "Emma," the dirty blonde chimed, "Alexis." The final girl said. I smiled at them all and they started to ask me about my life. For some reason I felt like I could open up to these girls, so that's what I did. I told them about my mom kicking me out of the house and how Zayn had been there.

Abby invited the girls back to Zayn's for a while, so we all got into her car and drove home. When we arrived, there was an extra car in the drive. "Zayn?" I said as I stepped into the living room. And that's when I saw him, sitting on the sofa, next to Zayn, his amazing face turned in my direction and smiling. I never understood what love was or what 'love at first sight meant... But I did now. His smile was the most amazing thing I had seen in a long time and his eyes shone a brilliant sea blue in the sunlight. "Rose!" Zayn said, jumping up and hugging me. "Have a good time with the GIRLS?" He put enfaces on the word girls... I just nodded, too focused on the angel sitting on the sofa. The girls came and sat down to, and I was trying hard not to stare. "Rose, this is my cousin, Louis." Zayn introduced me to the beautiful boy. "This is the guys who has been on the phone.." Louis smiled at me and I almost melted. "Where am I gonna sleep Zayn?" Louis whispered. "Sleep," I asked, looking over at zayn. "Yeah he is staying here for a while.." Zayn smiled. "You can have my room, Louis.." I offered quickly. "Then where will you go?" He asked s'aweetly. "The sofa.." I smiled. His eyes looked at me, glazed with guilt, "Are you sure?" He asked in concern. "Positive..."

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