Kids in der Liebe

Kids in der Liebe is German for Kids in Love
Candace Xavier Chambers is from a long line of guardianship. From her mother, her mothers mother, and so on. She never knew her father, nor her mother that much, considering that she was too caught up in her duties. Guardians are trained from kindergarten to protect and understand the rules of protecting their fellow vampire students. It starts with learning about their natural instincts. Then learning about the strengths and weakness of their natural enemies, the Philès. Who are vampires, but have completely white eyes with completely white skin, and are much stronger then both guardians and vampires. Their strength and agility makes them very deadly. But when you have the training in using both weapons and your very own body as a way of applying deadly force, then the plain has been leveled.


2. Somebody's Got A Crush

Disclaimer: I based these stories off of the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. I own all my characters and ideas.





After a few days Ileayah totally forgot about the situation. Now she was as happy and chippy as ever. And that just ruined me. Because she seems to pay more attention to me when she's not caught up in herself.


"Why are you always so flustered around him for?" Ileayah asked after Justin left our table at lunch.


"Flustered? Me flustered? Really?" I tried playing it off.


"O.M.G. You like him!" Ileayah said and smiled brightly.


"No! Were just friends!" Which is true, like basically everything I say. Justin and I were okay friends before, but now we've gotten really close.


"Candace has a crush. Candace has a crush." Ileayah teased.


"Do not!"
"Do too!"



"Fine." I eventually gave up. Damn, she's hard to argue with. And technically she is right.. not that she needs to know.


"O.M.G. You have to tell him. You have to." Ileayah was rambling at this point. Something about her getting a boyfriend and having a double date. "We can invite Skylar and have a triple date. This is gonna be amazing."


"I'm not telling him." I told her.


"Why not?!?!" Ileayah almost shrieked. There went her voice again..


"I like how things are now. I don't wanna ruin that. I like him as a friend." I explained. "Besides, I doubt he likes me like that."


"Are you kidding me?" Ileayah said. "Who doesn't like you? Like for realsies!"


I sighed at her usage of made up words. Why can't we just be friends? Why does everything have to be taken further than what it should be. That is why I hate society today. Everyone has to date everyone, or else your like a total loser or something. Why can't a guy and a girl just be friends, despite whether they have feelings for each other?


"So I was thinking about getting back together with Jeffery." Ileayah blurted out.


"NO!" I shouted. Causing some people to throw us some 'seriously' glances and annoyed eye rolls. But I seriously don't give a fuck.


"Why not? He obviously likes me, and I still kind of have a thing for him. So why shouldn't I?" Ileayah said.


"Because he's a disgusting pervert." I pointed out.


"Yeah, he likes to flirt. So do you, but I put up with it. At least he'll only be flirting with me. And if I ever see him doing it with someone else, then I'll dump him. Simple." Ileayah explained her strategy.


"If I even caught him thinking about doing it I'll beat his ass." I threatened.

Ileayah is so important to me. She is the kindest and sweetest person I've ever met in my life. Anyone who hurts her (mentally, physically, or emotionally), I will beat the fuck out of. I mean that. Like I don't give a fuck who you are, you hurt my Ileayah, I'll break your face. That's that. My duty will be to protect Ileayah from all dangers. Including horny teenage boys and jealous, preppy bitches. 

So maybe I do have a crush on Justin.. and Jeffery.. and this kid Jessie who I haven't introduced yet. But I will when the time is right.

But I'll never have an actual relationship with any of them. I have to focus on studying, keeping my grades up, training, and protecting Ileayah at all times. Ileayah is my number one concern and I can't have that post-poned with some stupid boy. I don't care if I never get married or engaged or have a relationship. As long as Ileayah is safe and I have sex every so often. Then I'm good.

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