Adopted By One Direction

One Direction is told they have to adopt a child, a girl. Will One Direction learn to love Megan?


2. I don't like it here..

A/N: Omg i'm so sorry I haven't updated! 😘

Paul didn't talk much. When he did all he said is I would like my new family.. I didn't bother asking who he was. To be honest I didn't really care. I mumbled a few words when he talked I doubt he understood. Finally we arrived, we pulled into a cement driveway and reaching a HUGE tan house. Paul lead me in the house, I was flooded by voices throughout the house. I followed Paul into a room. "Now boys, she's a orphan so be nice. Zayn, that means you." A man in his early 50's directed. I coughed awkwardly. "Oh Hello Megan!" The man said. I nodded slightly in his direction. "HI" a brown headed boy yelled in my face. "Hey.." I mumbled wiping the saliva off my face. "Hi I'm Harry." Said a curly hair boy with the cutest dimples. "Megan.." I whispered. "Liam." a boy said. I shook his hand and looked away quickly. "Niall James Horan." beamed a blonde with beautifuil blue eyes. I smiled slightly. "Zayn." a boy with black hair mumbled with disrespect in his face. I rolled my eyes and walked with Paul to my room. Ugh so far I don't like it..

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