The Bachelor- Niall Edition-

I saw people doing stories about "the bachelorette" with a girl having to decide about who to marry so i decided to do 'the bachelor' this is Niall edition.
Fifteen lucky girls are picked to go on the bachelor: celebrity edition.
The celebrity this season is Niall James Horan.
Who will Niall choose?


8. The ship names... which team are you?

Hey readers!!! Its an authors note... sorry but anyways i made ship names for all the girls with Niall. If you don't know what a ship name is then let me explain it to you. A ship name is when you have a couple and you put their names together such as Zerrie (Zayn and Perrie) or Elounor (Louis and Eleanor). anyways i will write all the ship names down and comment what team your on by commenting the ship name of the person.

Tiffany+ Niall= Tiall

Chelsea+Niall= Chiall

Lillian+Niall= Nillian 

Caroline+Niall= Ciall

Brittany+Niall= Briall

Lauren+Niall+ Niren

Trina+Niall= Triall

Rose+Niall= Nose (Lol i had to write that) or Riall (i like nose better)

Felicia+Niall= Fiall



Juliet+Niall= Juall (pronounced jewel)

Jennet+Niall= Jeall

Amber+Niall= Nimber 

Jesy+Niall= Nesy

okay some of these names are REALLY bad so if you have better ship names then tell me because i think i need better ones so.... thats all for now BYEEEEE

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