The Bachelor- Niall Edition-

I saw people doing stories about "the bachelorette" with a girl having to decide about who to marry so i decided to do 'the bachelor' this is Niall edition.
Fifteen lucky girls are picked to go on the bachelor: celebrity edition.
The celebrity this season is Niall James Horan.
Who will Niall choose?


2. Meeting

Today Niall is going to meet the girls....

Niall's P.O.V

I walked to the backyard, where they told me to go.. and i saw 15 beautiful girls..

"hello ladies. My name is Niall Horan and i am this season's bachelor." i said

"hi Niall i'm Tiffany" a girl said and waved to me.

"i'm Chelsea and i think i am gonna win this thing" another one said.. i'll probably eliminate her later...

"i'm lillian. It's so great to meet you." 

"i'm Caroline and i am gonna win this NOT chelsea" another girl said and smiled

"I'm Brittany i can't wait to get to know you" 

"i'm Lauren"

"Trina and i hope i win this"

"Rosalita but please call me Rose"

"Felicia. I hope we will get to know eachother well"

"Kim and i am in this competition to win and crush my sister"

"Katherine and i will crush my sister before she has the chance to crush me"

"Julieta but without the a. Call me Juliet."

"Jennet." a girl said and rolled her eyes

"Amber and i don't want to be here but i was forced to so.. hi"

"you are Niall Horan from One Direction? i am a big fan.. my name is Jesy by the way and i just adore you"

"well it is great to meet you all and i can't wait to get to know you" i said and left so that they can interview the girls on t.v. without me seeing.








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