The Bachelor- Niall Edition-

I saw people doing stories about "the bachelorette" with a girl having to decide about who to marry so i decided to do 'the bachelor' this is Niall edition.
Fifteen lucky girls are picked to go on the bachelor: celebrity edition.
The celebrity this season is Niall James Horan.
Who will Niall choose?


5. Interviews about the date

(this chapter is going to be the people responding to Brittany being chosen for the date)

Tiffany's P.O.V

"Brittany shouldn't have been chosen.. Niall  is insane if he thinks that she is normal because she might be pretty but she is so freaking clingy. That is why she is still single"

Chelsea's P.O.V

"Brittany??? seriously?? she is the one chosen?? seriously?? I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE!!!! UGHHHH"

Lillian's P.O.V

"i hoped i was going to be the first girl chosen but then again only 5 girls are chosen for a date this week and then Niall interviews us to see which 5 to eliminate after this week.. WHAT IF I'M ELIMINATED????"

Caroline's P.O.V

"THANK GOODNESS... i mean... i would be happy if i was chosen but THANK GOODNESS Chelsea wasn't"


Lauren's P.O.V

"Brittany seems like a nice girl which is BAD. because if their date goes well and i am not chosen for a date then i might be eliminated which is B-A-D BAD!!!!"

Trina's P.O.V

"I hope that when i am chosen well... if i am chosen then Niall takes me somewhere sporty like the beach for voleyball, a sports game, or even the park."

Rose's P.O.V

"ever since i found ou that Niall is famous i did some research and found out he speaks spanish.. fluently of course but even if he knew one word in spanish my papi and madre (dad and mom) would love him but its even better that he knows how to have like a whole conversation in spanish!!"

Felicia's P.O.V

"Looks like i won't know if Niall is my soul mate yet.. I hope i am picked for at least one date THIS WEEK."

Kim's P.O.V

"okay i am upset i wasn't picked but at least Katherine wasn't because i should be picked before HER"

Katherine's P.O.V

"i know Kim probably already said this but i am so glad that my sister was NOT picked because i should be picked before HER"

Juliet's P.O.V

"I really have like... nothing to say... i am upset... thats all...."

Jennet's P.O.V

"Whatever... i still get to stay here for like another week at least and if he likes me then YAY more vacation!!!"

Amber's P.O.V

"STILL DON"T CARE. At least i might be able to go home soon"

Jesy's P.O.V

"aww.... i really wanted to get picked and like... what if i don't get to be picked?? i really want to go on a date with... NIALL HORAN!!! omg!!!  what if i am eliminated??? then i will be sooo upset... i hope i win this thing... hopefully i at least get to go on a date with him."


sooo its the author here... just wanted to know who you are voting for to win Niall's marriage at the end of this book and who should be eliminated by the end of the week. It is all based on the 'audience' who you guys are so.. do you like Tiffany? Chelsea? Lillian? Caroline? Brittany? Lauren? Trina? Rose? felicia? Kim? Katherine? Juliet? Jennet? Amber? Jesy?



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