The Bachelor- Niall Edition-

I saw people doing stories about "the bachelorette" with a girl having to decide about who to marry so i decided to do 'the bachelor' this is Niall edition.
Fifteen lucky girls are picked to go on the bachelor: celebrity edition.
The celebrity this season is Niall James Horan.
Who will Niall choose?


9. Day off/ Pool time


Tiffany's P.O.V

Today we have a relax day where we can do what we want. Most of the girls went shopping but i decided to stay here and start my plan. I saw that Niall was by the pool so i quickly got my bikini, sandals and sunglasses on and went to the pool. "Mind if i join you?" i asked. "No you can sit" Niall said. "I don't know if you remember me but I'm Tiffany." I said and sat on the beach chair next to him. "Well Hi Tiffany.... So why didn't you go shopping with the other girls?" he asked. "I am not such a shopper. " I answered


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