The Bachelor- Niall Edition-

I saw people doing stories about "the bachelorette" with a girl having to decide about who to marry so i decided to do 'the bachelor' this is Niall edition.
Fifteen lucky girls are picked to go on the bachelor: celebrity edition.
The celebrity this season is Niall James Horan.
Who will Niall choose?


7. B*tches

Brittany's P.O.V

I walked in the house and all the girls swarmed around me. "How was it??" Lillian asked. "it was amazing. I think he really likes me" i bit my lip. "as if he would ever like you. just wait until he goes on a date with me." Tiffany scoffed. "puh lease. i have a limosine, a mansion, 3 huge closets, and 2 separate shoe closets so if he is gonna fall for anyone its me" Chelsea bragged. "girls... can't we all get along?" Jesy asked. "NO!" Tiffany and Chelsea yelled. "girls Jesy is right. It is Niall's choice so we don't know who is going to pick we should just pray that he picks ourself. And if he doesn't then.... oh well.... we shouldn't try to change his mind... it might not even work anyways"  Juliet said. "whatever" Kim said and rolled her eyes. I went upstairs and once my head hit the pillow i fell asleep, dreaming about the date and Niall picking me.

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