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8. Vampires (Ziall)

Your POV

As usual, it was raining and it was almost twelve o'clock. I pulled my coat closer around my body and adjusted my hood. The rain increased slightly as i looked both ways to cross the street.

I reached the alleyway that connects to my house. Halfway through, a tall, dark figure hovered over me. "Nice to see you, Y/N." I slowly backed up, stopping at the brick wall. "W-who are you?"

It came out as a stutter. He, I assumed, shook his head and placed his hands on each side of my face. His lips met my ear as he bent down,"I'm your worst nightmare."

His forehead was placed against mine, giving me goosebumps. "P-please leave me alone." "Just for now," his thick accent rang through my ears.

Walking away from me, I caught a glimpse of him; tall and blonde. It was to dark to make out any other things. When I no longer saw him, I quickly ran to my house.

 Finally stepping in, I felt safer than outside. I'm still badly shaken up from the events that just occurred. Realizing my clothes were wet, I took a quick and warm shower.

After getting dressed, my phone buzzed on the small table stand next to my bed. Goosebumps rose on my pale skin once again.

Unknown: I'll see you tomorrow. xx

My eyes scanned the screen repeatedly, taking it in. Out of all things, this has to happen to me. What a great day.

I laid down and pulled the floral sheets closer to my cold body. The conversation between he and I repeats. "I'm your worst nightmare." Taking a deep breath, I tried to sleep.


Saturday, I smiled as the thought crossed my mind. Quickly being replaced by the though of 'my worst nightmare' again.

I closed my eyes and tried to clear my mind of these negative thoughts that suddenly filled me. The feeling I got didn't feel good.

A loud thud interrupted me from my thoughts, as a blue-eyed boy stumbles over to my bed. I had no words; since I already new who it was.

"Hi, love." My throat turned dry as I stuttered. "Don't be afraid," he chuckled. We made eye contact and, for the first time, I looked into his heavenly blue eyes. 

I looked down, seeing the huge mistake I was making. As he did before, his forehead was pressed against mine. Not thinking about what I was doing, I slapped his perfect face.

"You shouldn't have done that," he scowled, eyes full of anger. I closed my eyes and awaited for him to do something back to me. 

"Lay down." He sternly demanded as I did what I was told. His large figure hovered over me, my heartbeat increasing at his every movement. "This will only hurt a bit."
I gasped as him cold lips pressed on my neck. "Niall wait!" Someone shouted from behind him. Leaving my neck, he turned around to face a guy with tattoos.

"Why should I?" Niall challenged. "Because," tattoos boy said. "You'll expose us." Expose them? Blondie laughed,"She doesn't know." The brunette raised his eyebrows,"Were doing it either way."

My eyes widened,"What are you going to do to me?" They both smirked,"We're vampires." Sitting next to me, Niall looked at the other guy. "How do we decide who's going to bite her, Zayn?'

Zayn looked at me. "I think she can decide, mate." I looked at them, clearly horrified that they were asking which I want to bite me.

"Choose. Now." Niall demanded. I sighed,"I guess Niall." "Good choice, babe. Unlike some people, I'm gentle." I nodded and let him hover over me again.

My body tensed as the bed sank next to me. "Relax," he said against my neck that was forming goosebumps. "Just take a deep breath."

My eyes widened as I felt his sharp teeth grazed over my skin. He turned my head to the side, exposing more of me to him. I looked over at Zayn, who was holding my hand.

"Close your eyes," Zayn mouthed. I did as I was told; just as pain shot through me. My neck started buring as one of my hands pulled Niall's hair.

MY body turned numb, feeling a lot like pudding. "Uh..." I groaned. Zayn squeezed my hand as I peered up at him. Now, all I felt was not pain, but something worse. Soon, I passed out.


"She's awake!" I opened my eyes, sitting up and leaning on my elbows. "What happened?" The two boys smirked,"You're a vampire."

I wrote this a while ago, and thought about posting it on here! Comment below and tell me if you liked it and if i should make another one with any of the boys! Keep requesting, thanks! - Mere Bear

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