Preferences and Imagines

Just imagines and preferences about the boys. I take request in the comments as well! xx


10. She Looks So Perfect (5SOS)

MICHAEL: "We worked to damn hard for this just to give it up now." Michael breathed angrily, seeing as this was yet another relationship was starting to bloom between the two of you. This was the third time you two tried to be friends after you two broke up. But after the kiss you just shared together happened, he didn't want to be friends; he wanted another relationship. "Please, Y/N, you're always on my mind. I swear, whenever I see you it hurts inside, knowing that you're not mine. Please," he gathered your hands in his. "Give me one more chance." You looked into his eyes, they were filled with lust. Instead of answering, you attached your lips to his. The familiar taste of his lips made you feel wonderful. Deep down inside, you really wanted him. You couldn't go without him; he was your anchor. It was also true, he was also always on your mind.

CALUM: "Would you wanna run away too?" He asked, suddenly. You looked at his, startled. "Why?" He walked closer to you. "Because," you both caught each others gaze. "All I want is you." So many things were going through your mind; but the main one was how you would answer. "Calum, I..." All you wanted was him, too. "You know what? Yes. I will." A grin spread quickly on his face, before he pressed his lips to yours. "Oh, Y/N, this is going to be great!" His voice was really happy, his face also showed it. Seeing him this happy made you realize that he was the one. From the very moment he asked you to run away with him the first time, you felt so surprised that he wanted to run away and start all over with you. He had your heart and you had his.

ASHTON: "Don't move, honey." He whispered in your ear as his lips trailed down from your earlobe down your neck. Your breathe hitched in our throat as he stayed at that one spot, sucking and grazing his teeth over it. "Ashton," you gasped as the surface drew blood. You knew he was intoxicated, so his behavior was out of control right now. "Ashton," you said, more serious this time. He stopped, his looking sad. "I love you so much," he went closer to your face, his lips brushing yours. "More than you'll ever know." 

LUKE: "I've got your name tattooed in an arrow heart." You looked at him like he was crazy. He started lifting up his shirt sleeve, making you gasp as you see an arrow heart with 'Y/N' written inside. "Luke," you didn't know what to say. "Oh my god, I thought you were joking. He laughed as you inspected, lightly touching the protection around it. "You know," you looked up at him. "It hurt like hell." You frowned, hearing him say that wasn't good; him getting hurt for you wasn't good. "But it was worth it," a small smirk formed on his face. "I'll be getting your name next," you joked.

*oh my god guys, I am so sorry for not updating! i just got really busy with school. :-( im no longer taking request, sorry! 

- mere bear 

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