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5. Imagine for Tess

Liam imagine for @Tessieboo

Tess' POV

I was so exited for today. It was my and Liam's one year anniversary.

He said he was going to do something extra special for me. So, I started getting ready, putting on on a black and white dress with some black heels and applying light make up.

For my hair, I decided to just curl it. I took a final look in the mirror and smiled, satisfied with my look. On the bed, my phone buzzed.

Lee Bear:): I'm here babe xx :)

Grabbing my purse and a jacket, I headed out the door. Liam was wearing blue jeans, a black shirt, and his signature white converse.

"You look amazing." He kissed my check and opened the car door for me — being the gentleman he is.

"Happy anniversary," I smiled at him. "Happy anniversary. I'm glad I have the most wonderful, caring, beautiful, lovely, amazing girlfriend in the world."

My cheeks flushed, he always knew how to make me feel special. The car came to a stop at a park, the lake was shinning due to the moonlight.

Liam opened the door and gave me a hand, before opening the trunk and taking out a brown basket.

"Follow me," I held his hand as he lead me to an opening surrounded by pink and yellow flowers. We set up and laid down on top of the soft blanket.

"This is beautiful." I was astonished; the stars shown brightly I the night sky.

"You know what else is beautiful?" I giggled, he always says the cheesiest things to me. "What is?"


We looked at each other and laughed. "But seriously," he faced me. "You are beautiful."

Once again, I blushed.

For several minutes, we sat under the light of the stars talking, laughing, having a good time.

Then, Liam and I stood up. He put a blindfold over my eyes. "It's a suprise."

I placed my hands on his broad shoulders as he was my guide. After a few minutes of walking, he stopped and took the blindfold off. Revealing a place with tiled floor, with small pillars holding the top of the roof.

There was opening between each pillar, and no roof. So that the moonlight shown beautifully on the tiled floor.

"Wow…" I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

"Shall we?" Liam held out his hand, I gladly took it as he led me to the dance floor.

"Just a sec," I watched as he got out his phone. 'Kiss Me' by Ed Sheeran came on.

Liam and I then started slow dancing there.

"…kiss me like you wanna be loved, you wanna be loved…"

Our lips connected, a sensation I couldn't explain went through my body.

"I love you Tess."

"I love you Liam."

What a night.

*there you go! Hope you liked it! Keep requesting in the comments. I need;

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Eye color,

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Or I also do preference request! Thank guys.

- Mere Bear xx

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