Preferences and Imagines

Just imagines and preferences about the boys. I take request in the comments as well! xx


3. (5SOS) He's The Teacher, You're The Student

MICAHEL: Here we go again, you thought as Mr. Clifford walked over to your desk. Ever since he started teaching this class, he's been teasing you non-stop. You found him really attractive — for a high school teacher. But instead of all the teasing, he simply slipped a piece of paper in your hand. "Don't let anyone see it, understand?" You nodded and felt your cheeks heat up. Chuckling, Mr. Clifford walk back to his desk, looking back at you. Wow, was all you could think right now.

CALUM: "Well, I think you're all responsible enough to pick partners." Everyone sighed in relief; we hated getting assigned partners. "So you all can pick. But just a reminder, this will be your partner for 12 weeks. You both have to get along for this project." You looked around the room at all the partners already decided. The only person left was 'the badboy' Harry Styles. "Looks like you and I are partners." He smirked at you. Mr. Hood walked over. "You two are partners?" Harry nodded as Mr. Hood glared at him. For some reason, he disliked Harry. Sighing, he patted my back. "You can always work independently." You nodded, secretly wished he offered his help.

ASHTON: "Whoever didn't pass this test will come to tutoring this week!" You looked down at your grade; 50%. That's not passing. Mr. Irwin passed by and looked at your grade. "Y/N? That's not like you to get this grade. Is there anything distracting you?" 'You are! You and your perfect hair, and smile…' You wanted to screen out to him. Instead, you simply nodded. "Just having troubled with this unit." He sat in the empty chair next to you. "So I'll be having you for tutoring today after school?"

LUKE: "Mr. Hemmings?" You called out. "Yes Y/N?" He walked over to you. "I need help with this problem." He crouched down next to your desk. "Well, first you need to…" You weren't listening; you were mesmerized by how handsome he was. You were so grateful he was your teacher this year. "Y/N?" Alerted, you looked up. "Why don't you stay at lunch today. We'll take all the time we need." "Ok." You smiled. This is going to be a fun day, you blushed.

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