Preferences and Imagines

Just imagines and preferences about the boys. I take request in the comments as well! xx


6. (5SOS) Biki Shopping.

MICHAEL: "Get this one," he smirked, holding up a pale bikini that would make you look naked with your skin tone. Chuckling, you kept looking rack after rack for one. Every once in a while, Michael would come back with more bikinis that weren't meant for you to wear around others. Sighing, he gave up and gave his opinion on some you showed him. Finding a floral two piece, you loved it and he liked it too. You went in the dressing room and put it on. Satisfied with how you looked, you pecked your head out of the dressing room and called Michael. When he closed the door behind him and looked up at you, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. You looked down to hide your blush, but he lifted your head and smiled. "You look beautiful." You loved this sort of affection from him, it made you feel confident. He ended up paying for it, promising you would wear it often.

CALUM: "Luke invited us over to his place to go to the pool," you looked up at Calum a he wiped a bead of sweat of his forehead. "But," you pouted. "I don't have a bikini." He chuckled and suggested that the two of you should buy one. "No, you're just going to check me out the whole time." You laughed as he pouted. After several minutes of arguing, you gave up and let him tag along. Taking your time and looking around, he interrupted. "We have to be there by one." You sigh and end up buying a green polka dot two piece. When you arrive at Luke's house, you undress, leaving your new bikini on. "Hey Y/N, you look hot today." Ashton comments and laughs. This bikini was a good choice, you thought. 

ASHTON: You found a couple of bikini's that you really liked and tried them on. You called Ashton to get his opinion on each one. He was fond of a sea blue one that you tried one, his eyes were glued to your figure in it. "That's the one you have to buy. I'll pay, okay? You just buy that one, no other one." You were astonished by him, he has never used that sort of tone or mumbled like that. When you meet him outside, he's mad because he didn't buy it but he's happy you chose that one. "At least you like it, right?" Blushing, he nodded and rushed  home.

LUKE: "Luke! I need to buy a bikini if you want to go the beach." "Okay," he smiled and happily drove to the mall. A red two piece caught your eye, so you went and found your size in it. Going into the dressing room and trying it on, you called Luke to get Luke's opinsion on it. "It's.. I... uh... it's perfect." You giggled and ended up buying the bikini.  "You look hot in that bikini, by the way." Luke commented when you both went in the water at the beach. 

*First of all, I'm so sorry that I haven't updated in a (long) while! I just busy:\ I'll write the requested imagines as soon a possible! Comment below and imagine or a preferece you want to be written! Thanks! xx (:

- Mere Bear

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