Preferences and Imagines

Just imagines and preferences about the boys. I take request in the comments as well! xx


2. (1D) You Go Too See One Of Your Favorite Bands Preform With Him

LOUIS: "Wow, it's really crowded here." You both looked around. Your eyes immidiately went to a stand with band merch. "Louis!" He gasped as you clutched his arm tightly. "Please buy me a shirt! I don't have that one!" His eyes widened at the amountof people in line and shook his head. "We'll miss the show, by the time we get outta that line." Pouting, you carried on walking. When it was time for the show to start, you ran to your seats with Louis closely behind. "Don't run," he breathed. "I haven't done PE in ages." Giggling but then screaming at the top of your lungs as you see the lead singer step out. "Sing it with me!" Louis laughed as you cried and sang at the same time. You had to admit; this was one of the best concerts you've been too.

HARRY: "So much merch… so little money." You fake cried. Harry had gotten you both tickets to see 'Arctic Monkeys'. "I'm so exited!" Harry chuckled before kissing you softly, leaning on him as you both walked and admired the stands. Suddenly, a crowd of people pushed pass you both. Confused and curios, you both followed after them.  A long line of people was ahead of you, as far as you could see. "Wonder what's going?" With a tap on your shoulder, a girl fan-girled and exclaimed. "They're signing autographs over there!" She turned to her friend and started breathing heavily. The life of a fan-girl, you smiled to yourself.

LIAM: "This isn't safe." Liam looked around at the different venues – including the mosh pits being started. "Babe, don't worry I don't even go in the mosh pits." He nodded and followe you, since he's never been to Vans Warped Tour. "And, here we are." You found a good spot near the stage and smiled at the Sempiternal album cover behind the drums. "I can't wait! It's going to be so exiting!" You flung your arms around Liam's neck. "Um, babe, I think they're starting." You quickly turned around and screamed at the site of Oli Sykes a few inches away from you.

NIALL: "Maybe we should ask them what venue it is?" You and Niall had no clue to what venue your favorite band 'Sleeping With Sirens' was playing. "Hm… maybe over there?" Your eyes widened as you saw the Feel album flag. "Hurry, let's go!" You both ran over, pushing and shoving through others. "Alright guys," Kellin the lead singer hotly breathed. "This goes out to anyone who's had a shitty relationship." Everyone screamed and cheered as 'If You Can't Hang' started playing. You sang along,"She found a boy she knew she changed." Niall kissed your cheek and tried – but failed – at singing alon with you.

ZAYN: "Oh my god," you freaked. "I can't believe I'm about to meet my idols." On the verge of crying, Zayn rubbed your back and chuckled. "Don't worry, it'll be fine. I mean, you're going to meet them and see them preform. It'll be great." You nodded and tried to hold in your tears as you handed the 'Collide With The Sky' album to Mike Fuentes, the drummer. "What your name, lovely?" "Y/N." You breathed as Zayn and Mike chuckled. He slid it to Jaime, then Tony the turtle, and finally Vic. "Here you go." He smiled and handed the album back to you – throwing in a hug. "Don't cry," he laughed, still hugging you. This was truly a great night for you.

*Any request? c: Or anyone else obsessed with the bands/people I put in this?

- Mere

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