Obsessed ( RocxPrince/Royce Love Story )

Chresanto August is just a regular 19 year old , bisexual man. Lives alone , a male model , keeps his body in shape... just a regular guy....I guess ?

But , not in his eyes.....

Jacob Perez see's something different in him.

He watches his every move ,

Knows every fact about him ,

Keeps everything recorded in a huge book...

I'd say he's.....obsessed >:)


1. Short Filler/Prologue

{ A/N : Okay so... this is a RocxPrince/BoyxBoy love story. Yes... MB members are gay in this story , wooptie dooo ! <<<<< Hint the sarcasm there. Do not comment on this story saying things like ' MB is not gay ! ' or ' Why would you make a story about Roc and Prince being gay ! ' or whatever y'all be saying ! Just... don't do it ! Because it pisses me off when I read someone else's boyxboy story and people are commenting rude things , and saying that MB isn't gay. I know they aren't gay , and I'm pretty sure the writer knows as well !!!! I love Mindless Behavior , and I'd be a sick person to call them gay. In my opinion , if they were gay... Prince and Roc would be a very cute couple , and there's nothing wrong with that. Don't go commenting ' You have such a sick mind for saying they'd be cute together ! ' because I'm just gonna delete comments like that... K ? Mkay ! I'm done babbling now ! Hope y'all enjoy my first boyxboy story ! }




I sprint down a dark alley.... trying to get out of the presence of... him.

I gape back , only to see pitch black in my surroundings.

Placing my hand over my chest , I let out a sigh of relief to see that he's stopped chasing me.

I crouch down , holding onto my knees... letting myself regain breath.

I've been running for an hour almost.

As I pick my body back up , ready to hasten back down the alley... he appears to be in front of me.

My heart rapidly begins beating out of my chest.

A grin lay upon his face. " Chresanto... mm , mm , mm ", he moistens his lips with his tongue.

" Wh-Who are you ? ", I steadily back up. " Your every desire , a secret admirer ", he neared me.

" What d-do you want from m-me ? ", I tripped over something not visible because of the darkness , sending my body to descend backwards.

" All I want is you , Chresanto ", he relentlessly came near.

" H-How do you know my name ? You've said it twice already ", I rambled backwards on the hard , rocky cement road.

" Well... I know everything about you sir ", he simpered.

" I know that you were born July 23 , 1997. Your were born and raised in California. You have brothers and sisters on both your mom and dad's side. You used to eat ants when you were younger , and you still try from time to time. Every time there is a terrible storm , you grab your stuffed bear ' Ace ' , and cuddle with him until the storm passes. You leave your house every morning at 6:45 a.m. to go for a jog , and usually come back around 7:50. Your favorite movie is Twilight , and favorite show is Love and Hip-Hop ", he began with the hugest grin on his face.

" You never leave your house without your golden ring , given to you by your grandmother before she died. You masturbate every night to gay porn. When you're interested in someone , you giggle uncontrollably. Your daily hygiene routine begins with you taking a shower at 8:15 , you usually finish around 8:35. Once you get out , you take about 10 minutes checking yourself out in the mirror , which moves the time around to 8:45. Around that time , you begin to brush your teeth which approximately takes 5 minutes , sometimes a little longer... you know how you are about your teeth. Anyways , after your teeth are brushed , around 8:50 you rinse your mouth with mouth wash for 2 minutes. Once finished with that , you check yourself out for another 5 minutes an- ", I cut him off.

" A-are you like a stalker or something ? H-how do you know these things ? ", Now worried and creeped out , I stood to my feet.

" I don't consider myself as a stalker ", he smiled.

" Then what are you ? ", I asked confused.

" Obsessed ", a devious smirk appeared on his face.

My mouth dropped from that certain word.... He's.....obsessed....with.....me.


Welp... this is a little filler guys.... Hope you all enjoy !

It's just different from other boyxboy stories , and that's why I did it.

Make sure to give me some feedback !

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