Story Of My Life

I left.
She left.
I had my reason.
She never said why.
I hate him.
I love her.
He can't find me.
I have to find her.
I'm hiding.
She's hiding.
He can't know my secret.
Why can't I know.
He won't be a part of my life.
She'll be a part of my life.
But little does he know.
But little does she know.
My heart is taken.
My heart is taken.
-Story Of My Life-


9. What To Do

"Dani will you be my girlfriend?"

"Oh My God........?"

I don't know what to think at the moment. I mean I really want to say yes but what about Niall.... I really care about him even though I might never have a chance. Come on Dani just say yes!! No I can't Niall and I will go out sometime.....

"Dani... are you okay?" Sam asked me while waving his hand in front of my face. I came back to reality and told him something that changed everything.....

"Sure! Yea! But I'm very old school I want to go out on a date then if I want to be  your girlfriend I will give you my answer on our date." I told him. I swear I think that I saw his eyes light up just like a little kid in a candy store. I was really happy with my decision but I hope Niall doesn't find out.

"So, can I pick you up at 7 tonight or do you have plans?" Sam asked me while still smiling.

"Um.. yea totally I don't have any plans so I'll be free."


"Where are we going so I know what to wear?"
"Just wear some jeans and a T-Shirt."

"Um... okay. I'll see you at 7!" I told Sam and walked away cause Andy was calling me over so we can go back to her place. I told Sam goodbye and walked over to Andy and we got in the car. I just smiled to myself and then I couldn't take it anymore and told Andy that I was going on a date with Sam.

"Holy Mother of God!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!" She flipped out while pulling into her drive way. Thank god we were in her drive way not on the highway. 

"Jesus don't die! And yea I'm going on date with him!" I told Andy.

"Okay I won't die. Oh My God what are you going to wear? We have to go shopping! What about your hair, and your make up and your-"

I cut her off and said

"Andy, listen... he told me to wear jeans and a t-shirt. I'm just putting on a little bit of make-up and for my hair I'm just going to show my natural waves. Okay?!?" I told her and the look on her face was the best thing ever! It was like she just ran into a wall and then her face just shocked like "did I really just do that?". I was great.

I went to the living room and put on the TV and started watching Dance Moms. I love this show. In the middle of Abby yelling at a little girl named Kendell  my phone went off in my hand and I turned it on to see who it was. I was so happy to see that it was a text from the one and only... Niall Horan.  He said

From: Nialler

Hey Dani what's up! How was the parade?

I sent back saying

To: Nialler

Hey Nialler not much just relaxing and AMAZING!

From: Nialler

That's awesome! I'm happy for you and yep that's exactly what I'm doing. Relaxing. Haha

To: Nialler

Haha I figured you would be with your crazy life!

From: Nialler

Haha yea I'm going out tonight with the lads. You have any plans tonight?

I wanted to tell him no but I told him I was going out with my friend. He seemed to be way into knowing who my friend was. And when I told him the truth that I was going on a date the worst thing in the world happened. He told

From: Nialler

Oh... well he is a lucky guy I hope you to have fun tonight. I have to go. (please don't text back cause I have to go) goodbye .

If I was alone I would have broke down and cried for the rest of my life. I looked at the clock and saw it was was 6:35. I got up and started to get ready. I was in a hole and I have no idea what to do....



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