Story Of My Life

I left.
She left.
I had my reason.
She never said why.
I hate him.
I love her.
He can't find me.
I have to find her.
I'm hiding.
She's hiding.
He can't know my secret.
Why can't I know.
He won't be a part of my life.
She'll be a part of my life.
But little does he know.
But little does she know.
My heart is taken.
My heart is taken.
-Story Of My Life-


5. Sam Hutcherson

YO ! WHAT'S UP IN YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha well hello there my name is Sam I'm 19 and guess what! I'M STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL!!! God I can't wait to go to college next year. As your probably thinking "oh my god your really cute? You must be popular?" am I right? Well I am. I'm not too popular but I am. I'm in the marching band. I play trumpet along with the beautiful Dani Scott. She is just simply amazing. I have had a crush on her sense like 5th grade. Well let me get back to the boring crap. I was born and raised until I was 11 in Bromsgrove, West Midlands, England. My best friend until I moved was Harry Styles. My family and I moved to Los Angles. I love it here but I would love to go back to where I'm from. Haha NOT! I would miss Dani way to much if I did. Dani and I are friends but we aren't like friends like how she is with Andy. I would love to be her boyfriend, but that probably won't happen. I've only every had one girlfriend and that was Andy! Yep your read that right one girlfriend and it was Andy. She doesn't like to talk about our past relationship because it ended badly. Let's just say that a girl our grade wanted me to kiss her and I told her no and Andy walked in and that girl kissed me and I tried to push her away. Long story short Andy understood cause she was there but she thought it would be best if we broke up so nothing like that would ever happen again. I know Andy still likes me but I can you this though:
                      I loved Andy but I can tell you this I love Dani a lot more though.

Well I better quite talking and let you go so...




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