Story Of My Life

I left.
She left.
I had my reason.
She never said why.
I hate him.
I love her.
He can't find me.
I have to find her.
I'm hiding.
She's hiding.
He can't know my secret.
Why can't I know.
He won't be a part of my life.
She'll be a part of my life.
But little does he know.
But little does she know.
My heart is taken.
My heart is taken.
-Story Of My Life-


14. Loving You Is Hard

Niall's P.O.V

I was awoken by someone kissing me. I felt sparks every where, like fireworks were blowing up everywhere inside of me. I opened my eyes to see a beautiful Dani kissing me. I smiled into the kiss and wrapped my arms around her. She pulled away from the kiss and smiled at me.

"So, I could get used to waking up like that." I told her while laughing at the end. She laughed at me then got up and went to my desk and checked her phone.

"Oh My God I have to go, Niall I'm so sorry." She said while grabbing her her jeans and her phone. I hurried up and ran in front of her and stopped her.

"Where do you have to go?"

"Niall, I somewhere to go, like now, please can I get through" She said while trying to push me away. I let her go and she ran down stairs. I heard her yell at Andy and the next thing you knew the door open and shut. The car engine came to life and I ran over to my window and saw Andy and Dani drive off. I ran down stairs and asked Harry what happened.

"I have no idea, Dani came down and yelled at Andy that he is going to kill her if she doesn't get home now. I guess Andy understood what she ment cause she left with no goodbye or nothing. They ran out the door and drove away."

"I wonder if she is going to be okay?" I asked Harry

"I don't know mate, but lets go and get something to eat, yea?" he asked me.


Dani's P.O.V

I parked the car in my drive-way and ran into my house. Sam was waiting in the living room waiting for me and he looked furious! He walked over to me and grab my hand and dragged me up stairs to my bedroom. Once we reached my bedroom he closed the door then started yelling.

"What are you doing with another man, Dani? I thought you loved me? Aren't you suppose to be my girlfriend?"

"Sam, I never gave you an answer about us. I'm not sure if I love you yet. And who is "He"?"

"Oh come on Dani, you know exactly who I'm talking about. That blonde boy that you kept staring at in the stands!"

"Niall? Your jealous over Niall? Sam come on I'm not tied down to you. We are not dating! What happen to that boy that I went with the carnival with? Huh? Where did he go?"

"Dani, I don't know! Why can't you be mine? Am I not good enough for you? Dani, I love you. And you know that I treat girls right. So why can't you be mine?"

"I don't know Sam! I can't make up my mind!  I have feeling for you and feelings for Niall too!"

"Dani, he is a pop star. He is just going to use you then break your heart. You have a better chance with me then him!"

"He won't break my heart!"

"How do you know? Huh?"

"I don't! I just feel like... I don't know how to describe it when I'm with him. But when I'm with you I feel like I'm cared for. "

"Dani, I love you and you know that, right?"


"Well loving you is hard when you love someone else. This is goodbye Dani, we can still be friends but just remember that you will always have a place in my heart."

" Sam, wait!"

But he didn't he walked out of my room and left. I fell to my knees and cried. Andy came in and just.. well she was there for me. I didn't care about anything at that moment, well besides Andy. My parents came home and Andy explained everything to them and that night I was treated like a little kid. But only this little kid was suffering from a huge broken heart. I had one week left of school then I won't ever see any of my band friends ever again. It was so heart breaking cause I will miss every single one of them.

I went to school and it went by so fast. Tomorrow is my last day ever in Freedom.


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