Story Of My Life

I left.
She left.
I had my reason.
She never said why.
I hate him.
I love her.
He can't find me.
I have to find her.
I'm hiding.
She's hiding.
He can't know my secret.
Why can't I know.
He won't be a part of my life.
She'll be a part of my life.
But little does he know.
But little does she know.
My heart is taken.
My heart is taken.
-Story Of My Life-


2. Dani



Hey everyone! I'm Danella but you can just call me Dani. I'm 19 years old and I'm a senior in high school. Yep still in high school but I'm a good student. I'm always on high honor roll and I'm in the marching band. I play trumpet. Now your probably thinking "what is a pretty girl like her doing in the marching band? Why aren't you in cheerleading and aren't you popular?" Well let me tell you this. I hate cheerleader's. They think that they can rule the whole world and no I'm popular. I hate being popular also. I want to make a difference but I don't want to be known as a stuck-up girl. I'm your type of girl that wears nice cloths and is very shy. I'm not going to lie I know I am beautiful but I don't let that change who I am. Yea I am beautiful but I don't go around saying I can get any guy I want because of it. I've only ever had one boyfriend and his name was Michael. Okay long story short. I have a best friend named Andy and I love her to death. And together we both love one direction! I am in love with Niall Horan. God he is so perfect! 

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