Story Of My Life

I left.
She left.
I had my reason.
She never said why.
I hate him.
I love her.
He can't find me.
I have to find her.
I'm hiding.
She's hiding.
He can't know my secret.
Why can't I know.
He won't be a part of my life.
She'll be a part of my life.
But little does he know.
But little does she know.
My heart is taken.
My heart is taken.
-Story Of My Life-


3. Andy


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY! Ha ha. Well hello to everyone my name is Andy. Yep that is not short for anything. I have no idea why my parents named me that but hey I can't change the past now. Well let me tell you about myself. I'm 18 years old born on July 27. I love one direction and Dani also. I really love Harry styles! Dani is like my only friend. I'm currently single and so is Dani. Let's just say me and Dani are like the total opposites! I'm like the crazy load one everywhere I go! And Dani is the shy one unless she is with me. I'm in the marching band too and I play Clarinet. Me and Dani sing but she is like way better than me. The thing me and Dani have in common is the whole popular and cheerleading thing. I mean who cares I love making music and marching. Oh, I bet you Dani didn't tell you but we are going to the one direction concert and we have front row seats! Ah! I'm so excited.

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