Love & Lust

6 Girls ; Bianca,Reina,Scarlett,Carmen,Melanie & Crystal All Been Requested To Attend A University In London , Called University Of Performing Arts & Talents.The 6 Girls Each Have A Unique Talent In Each & Every One Of Them , They Meet 5 Boys; Harry,Zayn,Louis,Liam & Niall.But Not All Of Them Have A Great Time As They Run Into Drama,Lies,Rumors,Rivals,Exes,& Some Lives Will Be At Stake...


2. Permission To Board,Permission Not Granted

~Crystal P.o.v~

Me & Bianca shared rooms,Bianca said she was gonna go to the bathroom,So that left me alone unpacking the "thousands" of clothes i had in my luggage.There was a light knock at the door,"Bianca,this is our room,you don't need to knock,you idiot!"i said not looking up."So you want me to walk in anytime i feel like.",it was a gentle British accent,a male voice,i looked up quickly & gasped,"Oh geez,i'm really sorry i thought you were my roomate and oh my -"i said."Its ok,So im guessing your new?"he asked.He smiled,his green eyes sparkled,he had cute dimples,& curly brown hair.He raised his brows,& i realized i was staring at him , i giggled,"Oh,Um,Yeah,Im New,My Name Is Crystal,Crystal Mercede."I said,realizing how dumb i sounded."Oh its nice to meet you,Crystal,I'm Harry,Harry Styles."he said smiling.I don't know why,but i felt hot,my palms were sweaty & i felt nervous,& it was like i couldn't even speak just by looking at him."Are you okay?"he asked."Uh,yeah,I'm Fine,Why?" I asked."You Look a Little Hot-"he said."Oh Thanks."I said."& You look very pink."he continued.I felt my jaw fall to the ground,I couldn't believe i just did that."I'm Sorry i thought you meant - like um - I'm sorry."i said wiping my forehead.He laughed,"Its ok,um,do you maybe wanna come to a party later on tonight,Maybe i can show you around,Get to know each other more."he said ,smiling.I was dazing off to his sparkling eyes it was like it was one of those moments where if you stare too long ,you'd probably break down & cry ,seeing how beautiful it was."Yeah,Can my friends come too?"I asked."Sure why not?"he said."Did i hear PARTYY?!"Bianca said walking in.I slapped my face,"I guess i'll be going,I'll be here at 8,okay?"he asked,blushing."Uh,yeah,see you there!I mean See you here!"i said feeling like a love sick puppy.I slapped my face for a second time realizing how dumb i sounded."Party!Party!Party!"Bianca chanted.I threw a pillow at her,& began to laugh it out.My heart fluttered,& i had a feeling tonight was gunna be a great night.

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