Love & Lust

6 Girls ; Bianca,Reina,Scarlett,Carmen,Melanie & Crystal All Been Requested To Attend A University In London , Called University Of Performing Arts & Talents.The 6 Girls Each Have A Unique Talent In Each & Every One Of Them , They Meet 5 Boys; Harry,Zayn,Louis,Liam & Niall.But Not All Of Them Have A Great Time As They Run Into Drama,Lies,Rumors,Rivals,Exes,& Some Lives Will Be At Stake...


4. Isn't She Lovely?

The party was loud,people were grinding on the dance floor,some were on the couch,past the making out stage,others were sitting next to them just watching,people were passed out on the ground,some were smoking at the kitchen.The music was blasting,me & the girls split up.I was pouring myself a drink,someone bumped into me & i almost spilled some on my skirt.Today was my cute day,i was wearing a laced mint colored bow,to match with my laced mint colored skirt that flowed beautifully,i was wearing a cream colored crop top & a light blue jean jacket & cream colored booties.I pulled my hair back which was wavy & had curls in them away from my face."H-Hey!Youuu Maybe W-w-w-wanna go upstairs & bump bump!"he said.He reeked of beer & vomit,"Eeww!Get Away from me,perv!"i yelled.He grabbed my wrist tightly & i began hitting him."Helppp Me!"i screamed."Aaaahh!Help!"i yelled.No one could hear me,everyone was doing their own thing,the girls weren't around.'Great i was gonna get plunged by a guy i didnt even know!'i thought."HELPPP!"i yelled.Tears came down my face,"Nooo!!Go away!"i yelled.I saw a guy run & smash a bottle on the drunkie's head.The drunkie stumbled,& still didnt go down,He tried to swing at the guy,but he doged him & knocked him out.The drunkie did a 360 & fell.It got quiet for a second,& everyone began to cheer.The guy grabbed my arm & ran upstairs with me.I tried pulling away but he kept going.I kept crying,we went inside a room & he locked the door behind us."P-p-please don't ! Please don't Hurt me!"i said."Sh,ssh,sshh,its okay im here no one will hurt you,okay?Its alright don't cry,darling!"he said.I didnt even know what he looked like the tears blurred my vision.I whimpered & looked at my wrist,it was red & i saw a hand print.He walked over to me & wiped away my tears,"Are you okay,love?"he asked.My vision cleared,& when i saw him,I didnt know what to say,he was gorgous.He had light brown hair pulled back,& sparkly sea green eyes,"Y-yeah,my wrist."i whimpered.I held out my wrist & he inspected it,"It's alright,ok?Whats Your Name?"he asked."Reina,Reina Luna."i answered."I'm Louis Tomlinson."he said."I haven't seen you around,are you new?"he asked."Yeah,I'm new."i said."That's good i can hang out with you & show you around."he said smiling.Seeing his perfect teeth & how he made Channing Tatum look ugly made me daze at him,"Umm.Are you alright,love?"he asked."Uhh yeah,im good,you?"i asked,blushing."Yeah i'm fine."he said,smiling."Do you like carrots?"he asked."Are you kidding?I love em!Esspecially dipping it in Nutella,Its to die for!"I said,sharing my addiction to carrots."I'm lucky,a girl as pretty as you that loves carrots,i'm happy i met you,Reina!"he said."Me Too,Louis."i said.He made me smile,he was gorgous & had an addiction to carrots as well as me!"How old are you,darling?"he asked."I'm 19,I'm going to turn 20, December 31."I replied."So basically your a New Year's Baby?"he asked."Yup."I answered."Oh thats great!My biryhday is also in December,but the 24 though,I'm gunna be 21."he said."Thats cool how we have the same birth month."i said."Yeah,it is,C'mon,lets go downstairs."he said."What?Why?"I asked."It's Okay,Reina,i'll be there nothing will happen to you,I'll protect you,I want you to meet my best buds."he said.I sighed lightly,"Ok,louis."i said.I held onto his hand,it was soft,& warm,he had a sweaty palm,but to me it didnt matter."I'm sorry that my palm is sweaty,i'm just nervous."he said smiling nervously."Nervous of what,Louis?"i asked."I'm nervous cause i don't wanna mess up the first inpression of myself to you."he said."Oh honey,your fine,but we aren't together."i said."I know,but i'm really hoping we do end up together,Reina,I think your very sweet & nice."he said.I looked down,& smiled,i didnt want him to think i was a geek by blushing.He lightly chuckled,"C'mon,lets go,darling."he said.I looked back up at him & he smiled,I nodded my head.We went down the stairs,& we walked to a group of guys."Fellas,this is Reina,isn't she lovely?"he said introducing me,spinning me around."Hey Reina!"said a adorable boy with blonde hair & blue sparkly eyes,i could tell he was the bubbly & kind hearted one of Louis's friends."Thats Niall."Louis said."Hello,Beautiful!"Another said.He had messy brown curly hair,& green eyes."Hands off,Harry."Louis said,he wrapped his arm around my waist & pulled me in close.I looked down at the ground & tried to hide my smile."Hey Love."Another said.He had dark brown hair & hazel eyes,he looked like a bad boy."Zayn,easy now."he said.Zayn chuckled."Whats Up,Reina?"The last one said.He had dirty blonde hair that was pulled back & upward like Louis',he also had hazel eyes."& How could i not forget lucious Liam!"he said jokingly."Of course baby girlll!"Liam said in a female voice snapping his fingers.We all laughed,"Hey Liam."Bianca Said."Bianca?Where were you?"i asked."You know each other?"Louis asked."Of course she's one of my bestest friends!"i said."I see you met Liam."she said blushing."You bet."i laughed."Look there's the rest of em!"She said.The girls walked over & greeted each other."Harry!"Crystal said.They went off & began to conversate.Melanie & Niall started talking,Liam Was with Bianca,& Scarlett & Zayn.Poor Carmen her boyfriend,Tyler was in the States,& she wasnt able to be with him.She was just at the drinks table alone.Me & Louis went to own spot & began to talk

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