Love & Lust

6 Girls ; Bianca,Reina,Scarlett,Carmen,Melanie & Crystal All Been Requested To Attend A University In London , Called University Of Performing Arts & Talents.The 6 Girls Each Have A Unique Talent In Each & Every One Of Them , They Meet 5 Boys; Harry,Zayn,Louis,Liam & Niall.But Not All Of Them Have A Great Time As They Run Into Drama,Lies,Rumors,Rivals,Exes,& Some Lives Will Be At Stake...


1. Beginnings

~Reina P.o.v ~

I Felt Happy,I Felt Like I Deserved to Be Attending The University Of Performing Arts & Talents,After Everything That Happened Last Year,People Can Say It Was Last Year But To This Day,I Still Regret It All...I Took A Deep Breathe,& Grabbed My Luggages Out Of the Cab & Entered The Airport.I Felt My Phone Vibrate In My Sweater & i Reached inside to grab my phone,it was my crazy best friend,Crystal."Hey Crystal,where are you?"i asked."I'm waiting by the bathroom doors!"she said.I heard it in her voice that she was really exicted."Ok,i'm on my way."i said as i hung up.There she was,her long curly brown hair was straightened & her brown eyes sparkled as i walked over to her,she was wearing skinny black jeans,navy colored toms,a light blue jean jacket,& a navy & white striped t-shirt."Crystal!!"I squealed,"Reina!!"she squealed.We Ran to each other & hugged each other.I've know Crystal since elementry school & went to the same schools all the way to high school & now,college."Where are the others?"i asked,"They're all arriving now."she said."Oh,since when you became a GPS,Crystal?"I joked."Shut up,Ms.AllworkNoPlay!"she joked lightly pushing me."Look,there they are!"I said pointing to the group of girls which was Scarlett,Bianca,Carmen & Melanie,who somehow always arrive late.They Ran over to us with their bags & luggages."Look at you so cute!"Carmen said."Oh My God i can't believe this is actually happening!"Melanie said."Yeah,after our fucked up past,we overcame it all with this great opportunity,that can possibly change us all!"Scarlett said.It became dead silent,we all broke out laughing,"Jesus,Scarlett,since when you became so serious!"Crystal joked,"Um,guys,our flight is boarding..."I said."Holy shit!Lets Go!"Bianca said.We all grabbed our luggages and ran over to the flight attendant in time & boarded the plane.


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