Love & Lust

6 Girls ; Bianca,Reina,Scarlett,Carmen,Melanie & Crystal All Been Requested To Attend A University In London , Called University Of Performing Arts & Talents.The 6 Girls Each Have A Unique Talent In Each & Every One Of Them , They Meet 5 Boys; Harry,Zayn,Louis,Liam & Niall.But Not All Of Them Have A Great Time As They Run Into Drama,Lies,Rumors,Rivals,Exes,& Some Lives Will Be At Stake...


3. A Girl Who Can Take Care

~Bianca P.o.v~

I Got Good Vibes On Me,Everyone Knows I'm The Original Party Girl,The Life Of The Party.The Ground & Walls Vibrated Cause The Music Was So Loud.Me & My Friends Looked Like A Group Full Of Bad Bitches,We Were Looking Good , & Feelin Good.I Was Wearing My Favorite Pair of Jordans,A White & Black Chicago Bulls SnapBack,My Dyed Red Hair Down & Wavy,Dark Blue High Waisted Shorts,With a Matching Chicago Bulls Jersey,Which Meant My Game Was On.We Walked In & Heard Guys Whistle At Us,& Saw Em Turning Heads.Tonight Was The Night,I went to go get drinks,"Hey,you new?"someone asked."Yup,"i said still pouring out more drinks,"I'm Liam Payne,You?"He asked.I looked up & he was a dime,he had hazel eyes,& nice brown hair & he had muscles & the way he smiled at me sent shivers to my spine."I'm Bianca Kappernick."I Introduced , smiling back."Liam!"a girl yelled.She came walking quickly towards us,she scoffed she was surrounded by girls who looked like they wanted to be her so badly,they all looked alike wearing pink,headbands,polka dots,stripes,ultra shiny lip gloss,mini skirts & peep toed heels,like what is this Legally Blonde Or the 80's or something?"Already You Moved On?Who's this skank?"she asked."Oh hell no bitch!I'm Not a skank,C'mere & saw it to my face hoe!"I yelled.Liam pulled me back,"Shut up Danielle!Its Been A Month,What Do You mean 'Already Moving on?' i broke up with you,its over."he said."Tuh!This isnt over Fake red head."she said."Oh yeah,well it aint over either!".I turned around,& my group of girls were all there looking mad."Whatever!"She said walking away."That Bitch got some nerve!"i yelled loud enough so she can hear me.Liam looked at me & smiled,he pulled me in close,& pulled back my hair,wrapped his arm around my waist & whispered,"I Like When A Girl Can Take Care Of Herself."

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