I Can't Rhyme

A book of poems that don't rhyme.


2. I Don't Know

It's not in the height of the flight

but in the force of the fall,

and in the judgement of gravity.


Sometimes even the simple wish

upon an unsuspecting candle

can become the very fire

you never really wanted.


Sure, you can plead insanity

and shorten your day in therapy,

but what are you really gaining?

Nothing of course,

just like I gain nothing in writing poetry

except for maybe a touch of fleeting sanity,

and if I really am writing this to question reality,

why am I living this lifestyle?

Why aren't I drowning in riches

or surrounded in a vast amount of people

jealous of my short lived fame?


And what really is the answer

to all of these worthless questions?


I don't know.

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